10 Simple Ways for Dads to Bond with Their Breastfed Babies

Simple Ways for Dads to Bond with Their Breastfed Babies

Parents know that breastfeeding is a wonderful way for moms to bond with her newborn babies. The constant skin to skin contact is a great comfort for both mom and baby. Bonding can also be a wonderful experience for dad and baby.

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A great positive which results from dads creating a bond with their baby is that mom gets to have some time to herself. She can take some much needed rest, relax in a hot bath, or visit with friends.

Here are 10 tips to help dads develop a strong bond with their breastfed baby:

1. Skin to skin contact

There is a perception among many new parents that skin to skin contact is only between a mom and baby through breastfeeding. This is simply not the case. Skin to skin contact with mom or dad provides baby with an abundance of the same benefits that would be given during the skin to skin contact which occurs during breastfeeding.

2. Tend to other needs

Changing diapers is not exactly on everyone's wish list however it is a great way to connect with your baby.

3. Make eye contact

Spend some time interacting with your baby through the simple but effective eye contact. 

4. Wear baby

Baby wearing gives dad a chance to bond while at the same time providing comfort for baby. There are carriers, slings, and even shirts that can be worn to carry baby around. They are very safe and are provide a great alternative to having to lug around a baby stroller.

5. Play

Baby will get to know you better which will help form a strong bond. Play with your baby using simple hand gestures such as peek-a-boo, patty cake, or by shaking toys such as rattles.

6. Bath time

Taking over the baby's bath is great way to sneak in some extra bonding time. At the same time you are providing mom with some relief.

7. Read out loud

Hold your baby close to you and read. Any form of reading material whether it be a children's book, magazine, or even a newspaper will be sufficient as long as baby hears your voice.

8. Massage baby

Since babies respond to touch, giving a massage is a simple way to soothe and make them feel relaxed. Gently rub your baby's arms, legs, neck, and belly for about 10 minutes. It is best to give a massage when your baby is quiet and in a happy mood. 

9. Soothe

Babies all have their own unique personalities and stressors as well as require their own form of soothing. You may have to try a variety of soothers in order to find what works best for your baby. Try walking around, dancing, or bouncing on an exercise ball to start.

10. Consistent bedtime routine

Even though it will take some time for babies to sleep through the night a good routine is healthy in order for mom and dad to have some rest themselves. Dads can help by establishing a nightly routine that involves activities followed in a certain order. This may include a bath, story, and snuggles together with your baby.

Simple Ways for Dads to Bond with Their Breastfed Babies

What tips do you have for dads to bond with their breastfed babies?

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