Minted Art

You may be familiar with Minted as an online source for custom stationary. Did you know that Minted also has beautiful art prints.

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Minted is really neat as all of the art sold on their website is from individual artists. You can also submit your pieces and enter contests to be selected. It is a great way for artists to gain exposure and get their name recognized.

Aside from the art prints available, they also offer design services. That can be well appreciated for those who may not know exactly what they want to do or where to start.

Whether you are looking for art to brighten up your home or office, or looking to gift someone special you will find a huge variety of beautiful prints to choose from.

Here are a few of my favorites from Minted.

The Pacific by Kaitlin Rebesco

While traveling around Central America, the artist Kaitlin, met someone who would refer to the ocean as "the doctor". After some time she came to understand what he meant. In this image she wanted to capture the feelings of deep peace and contentment that would wash over her after a day in the water.

Tranquil Pools by Melissa Marquardt

Melissa describes this work of art as an abstract acrylic waterscape in many layers of translucent glaze of aquas, teals and umbers. Having grown up on the coast of southern California, she had always found inspiration at the water's edge. She is fascinated with the constant change the ocean provides in its tidal swings and what is exposed from one minute to the next. So many wonderful surprises!

As described by Fernanda, this vibrant scene was inspired by the winter landscapes of her hometown. The blooming flowers of this piece growing up on the rain, represent the cycle of life. The original piece was painted using gouache on textured paper, giving an elegant and tender final look.

Which one of these Minted art prints catch your eye?