7 Ways to Save Money on Coffee

Saving Money on Coffee

Ways to Save Money on Coffee

Coffee can be easily made inside our own kitchen. More people though desire going to cafes or coffee shops to get a cup. This can become quite expensive over time.

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If you would like to try cutting down on your own coffee expenses try the following tips.

1. Make your own at home. If you enjoy a hot cup of brewed coffee as soon after you wake up, prepare your coffee maker the night before. All you have to do the next morning is press the start switch.

2 Grind your own beans. Whole beans stay fresher and last longer than already ground ones. Choose a grinder simple and inexpensive grinder instead of one that is fancy and high priced. To stretch your beans even farther be sure to grind them extra fine. 

3. Don't make a full pot everyday. Figure out how much coffee you actually consume and then make just that amount. If by some odd chance you happen to want another cup, you can always make more!

4. When you do purchase coffee from a cafe or coffee shop when you're out and about, consider purchasing a travel mug. Many coffee shops will discount your beverage purchase. You will also be helping the environment by eliminating the use of disposable cups.

Creature Cups

5. Purchase online. Do a search for coffee deals which will give several results from sites like Groupon or Google offers. You can often find discounted gift cards, discontinued products that are highly discounted, coupon codes, and other two-for-one deals for local coffee shops or major chains.

6. Share a coffee with a family or friend. Order a larger size and ask for an extra cup or bring your own. One large beverage usually equals two small drinks, which you can share with another person. This will help you both save a few dollars while still enjoying the drink you love.

7. Buy yourself a mug you will enjoy drinking from. There are so many varieties of coffee mugs including personalized and even ones with a creature inside. Choose one that will make drinking coffee at home enjoyable.

Ways to Save Money on Coffee

How do you save money on coffee?

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  1. I have saved so much money since I started making my own coffee at home. I was spending $7 a day on high end coffee and it wasn't worth it at all!

  2. I am all about ordering online - all the delivery people know me by name! I love buying in bulk too :)

  3. We have some beans that are over a year old. I wonder if they are good still. I think I'll grind them this weekend and give them a try. I def. like a cup out, but enjoy it just as much at home.

  4. I actually save money using my Keurig. I use my own pods and coffee, though - coffee I bought online. I don't usually like coffee shops, so no danger on spending money there. I do have my favorite cups, too - even one with a creature!

  5. Number one way to save is to not buy it on a daily. Brewing yourself at home will always be cheaper.

  6. Coffee from the likes of Starbucks and Costa can be so expensive, so it probably pays to just make your own, and it tastes just as nice.

  7. I definitely agree in making your own coffee at home. Helps save more and helps you enjoy more. And if it can't be helped to purchase from cafe's, it's better to use a travel mug to save the environment and get a discount :) Great tips!