Simple Tips to Declutter your Home

Declutter your Home with These 10 Simple Tips

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Simple Tips to Declutter your Home

Your home has become overcrowded with items in every room, closet, and drawers. Everything from clothing that is no longer worn, stacks of papers, dust collectors, and toys that are no longer used or old. With the start of a new year, it is the perfect time to think about decluttering your home.

When you first start to examine the extra items throughout your home it may be difficult to think about letting them go. You may think how can there be a positive side to getting rid of extra things that you might need sometime in the future. Well if you haven't used it in the past year it is highly unlikely that you will ever use it.

There are many positives to living a more simplified and uncluttered life. There will be less to clean and organize. You will have more space. You will feel less stressed and will feel more relaxed when in your home. Not to mention that you will even save some money. That is enough of a reason to begin removing some of the excess from your life. So where do you start?

1. Involve the entire family. Talk with family members about why it is important to clean clutter from around the home.

2. Choose a good day to declutter your home. 

3. Make it into a numbers game. Choose a number, depending on how badly cluttered your home is and using that number eliminate items from each area of your home. 

4. Start with a small area. If there’s too many things to clear and you are not sure where to begin, start off with a manageable spot. If it’s your room, start off with your dresser top. If it’s your wardrobe, pick one of the smaller compartments. Before you know it, you will be done with the area and you are ready to the next.

5. Designate one room in your home to keep clutter free at all times. The living room or sitting room might be the best choice since these are areas most visited by outside guests. Keeping one area clutter free will also inspire you to try and keep other areas in the home clutter free as well.

6. Divide seasonal items into storage containersAlthough you most likely have seasonal clothing and accessories stored in your home, it is not necessary for these items to lie around throughout the year. Divide them into individually marked storage bins, and keep them in one organized place. 

7. Let go of items that you have no use for. Use a huge garbage bag to dump everything you can let go. It makes it much simpler to discard stuff.

8. Get rid of expired items. Go through medicine, beauty products and food. Make a note of what is thrown out to reduce or eliminate these items when shopping to cut down on wastage.

9. Sort paperwork into designated folders. Separate paperwork into their own categories such as bills needing payment, licences, and other important documents. Throw out any junkmail or outdated papers that are no longer needed. 

10. Remove garbage bags from your home as soon as they become full. If you routinely bag items for charity yet delay the actual delivery of the goods, those bags can accumulate within your household quickly. Eliminate this source of clutter by taking newly packed bags out to your car right away.

Simple Tips to Declutter your Home

What actions do you take to declutter your home?

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