Indoor Family Fall Activities

10 Indoor Fall Activities to Enjoy as a Family

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Indoor Family Fall Activities

There are days throughout the entire year where you cannot go outside due to bad weather. Fall season is no exception. As the cold begins to move in families tend to spend more time inside than outside.These days can be quite dull, especially if you have children. Children want to be outside playing and having fun everyday. So what can you do as a parent when you have children stuck inside for an entire day.

1. Pancake breakfast with a variety of toppings to pick from. Before whipping up your pancakes lay out a variety of toppings such as fresh cream, yogurt, and jam. You can also slice up some bananas, strawberries, or peaches. Don't forget to include the traditional maple syrup, honey, and butter.

2. Have a fall themed scavenger hunt. This one can be prepared during a previous day when the weather is nice outside. Collect some items such as acorns, different colored leaves, sticks, small rocks, feathers and place them around the home. Give out a list and everyone collect the items.

3. Bowl. Empty plastic water or soda bottles and a tennis ball are all you need. If you cannot get the bottles to stand well upright just add a little water in each one.

4. Build. Using any materials such as cardboard boxes, pieces of wood, or empty containers work together in building a project.

5. Have an indoor picnic lunch. Choose Foods and drinks that you would normally take on an outdoor picnic. Spread a blanket and enjoy a simple meal together.

6. Decorate your home. Make a fall banner, a door wreath, change the table centrepiece to represent the fall season. Using items such as acorns, dried leaves, fake pumpkins, and candles will make your home feel more warm for the season.

7. Bake some sugar cookies and allow everyone to help decorate. Using food coloring mix up some fall colors for icing.

8. Create a family tree. For each family member draw a fall colored leaf. Use this time to talk with your children about family and ancestors.

9. Donate goods. Take a good look throughout your home including the pantry and bedroom closets. Remove anything that is no longer any use and donate it to various organizations

10. Watch a fall theme movie together. Some great classics include Charlotte's Webb, Babe, and Open Season. Don't forget to make some popcorn and serve with hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Indoor Family Fall Activities

What kinds of indoor activities does your family enjoy during the fall  season?

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  1. I don't have kids but these indoor activities would be helpful for my younger sisters who have little ones.