20 Alternative Uses for Coffee Filters

Alternative Uses for Coffee Filters

Coffee filters are very inexpensive and a common item found in many homes. They are made from small particles of super absorbent disposable paper. Even though they are considered a disposable item they can sometimes be reused depending on what they were previously used for.

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Known for their simple shape and lint-free design they are helpful in many other ways besides just brewing coffee. Even if you don't brew coffee, these filters are handy to have around. Here are some other ways you can use coffee filters. 

1. Keep greens fresh and crisp. Rinse your fresh greens, wrap in a filter, and store in the refrigerator.

2. Makeshift teabag. If you find yourself without sachets for your loose tea just place some tea inside a filter and tie it with a cotton string.

3. Make fresh orange juice without the seeds. Wrap a filter around an orange, twist the top and squeeze.

4. Catch popsicle drips to prevent sticky fingers and clothing stains. Poke a hole in the centre of the filter and push the bottom of the popsicle stick through it.

5. Soak up oil when frying foods. Simply place a filter on a plate laying it flat and the super absorbency material will soak up excess oil.

6. Help prevent food spills inside your microwave. Cover your food with a filter to keep it from spilling or spraying all over.

7. Protect pan from scratches. Place a filter between your pans to keep them from scratching and rusting. 

8. Protect your good dinnerware. Place a coffee between each dish to keep them from becoming scratched or chipped.

9. Clean mirrors, mirrors, and chrome. Coffee filters are lint-free so using them with your glass cleaner will leave windows clean, sparkling, and streak-free. 

10. Make air freshener. Put some baking soda or potpourri inside and tie together using a twist tie. Place them in the bathroom, dresser drawer, gym bag, car, or anywhere you want to add some nice scent.

11. Save your carpet following a spill. Cover the spill with a filter prior to cleaning. It will quickly absorb the liquid.

12. Place a filter in the bottom of a flower pot prior to adding the soil. This will keep the dirt in place and will allow any excess water to escape.

13. Absorb oils on your face. As a much cheaper alternative to facial blotting paper, use a piece of coffee filter to blot oily skin. 

14. Sooth your eyes. Soak a filter with water and place in the freezer. Use as a cold compress to help rid puffiness from eyes.

15. Polish shoes. Just a filter will do to bring a shine back to dull shoes. Use shoe polish if you wish to get an extra shine.

16. Sewing backing. Use a filter as an easy to tear backing for embroidering soft fabrics. 

17. Diffuse  the flash on your camera. Place a filter over the flash to soften the brightness. You can also put a filter over indoor lighting to lessen the harshness of direct light while taking photos.

18. Pack fragile and delicate items for storage or when moving. Wrap keepsakes, souvenirs, and glass items and then stow away.

19. Keep flies and other insects off food. When eating outside place a filter over your foods to keep the pests off.

20. Purse or diaper bag essential. Since these filters are super absorbent and take up very little space place a few in your bag when going out.

What alternative uses do you have for coffee filters

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