10 Tips For Breastfeeding Moms

Tips For Breastfeeding Mothers

Just like every pregnancy is different the same can be said about breastfeeding. If you are planning to breastfeed or already doing so you may be looking for some advise or may even be having some issues. The following are ten tips that have been found to help many mothers have successful breastfeeding experiences (myself included). 

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1. After you deliver your baby make sure you have skin to skin contact as soon as possible even if only for a few seconds. At this time bring baby's mouth to your nipple and attempt to get a latch. If baby refuses to nurse at this time do not worry.

2. Ensure a good latch. Your baby's mouth should open wide when coming in contact with your nipple. If baby is failing to do so just make this motion with your mouth. Newborn babies are known to be able to mimic facial expressions.

3. Nurse on demand. Do not attempt to schedule a breastfed baby the same as a baby that is formula fed. This will not only hurt your baby but yourself as well. Feeding on demand is key to establishing a good milk supply.

4.Feed before crying begins. Babies will show signs of hunger before they resort to crying. Some signs to look for are thumb sucking, snorting sounds or opening mouth wide upon touching a cheek with your fingers.

5. Keep it pure. For the first month give your baby milk only from your breast. Avoid giving any pacifiers or bottles. This will help to prevent nipple confusion and keep baby from preferring an artificial nipple.

6. Make yourself comfortable. Wherever you decide on breastfeeding your baby ensure that you have water and a snack available for yourself. Have a book, remote control, or mobile handy.

7. Try various positions. Sit, lay down, hold your baby in various positions as well until you find what works for you and your baby. Keep lots of pillows close by as you can use these to prop baby up.

8. Burp your baby. Babies swallow air most times during feedings and this can produce painful gas bubbles that accumulate in the baby's stomach since their digestive system is so delicate.

9. Moisturize your nipples. If your nipples become sore, chapped, or cracked try rubbing some of your own breastmilk over the area. You can also purchase some cream especially made to help relieve nipple soreness.

10. Use a breast pump if needed. Sometimes it may be necessary to express some milk either by hand or with a pump. This is usually the case for mothers who may want to leave their baby for a period of time to go out to work, shop, or for other reasons. Just refrain from doing any pumping in the first few weeks while establishing a good milk supply otherwise you may end up over-producing which can lead to engorgement and discomfort.

Do you have any tips for breastfeeding moms?

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I wish I had tried to have my baby nurse right when she was born... our delivery was long so I was too exhausted. Next time though!