Homemade Scouring Pad

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Homemade Scouring Pad

Scouring pads are great for scrubbing up tough messes in the kitchen including dirty dishes, pots, pans, and stoves. One problem with scouring pads is they are more costly than regular sponges. So why not save some money by making your own.

Making homemade scouring pads is very simple and inexpensive. It takes only a few minutes and is just as effective and lasting as the ones you buy.

You will need:

Regular sponge
Mesh bags from fruits and vegetables
Strong thread


1. Place sponge inside the produce bag. 

2. Cut the bag to fit around the sponge with enough seam to sew along the outside.

3. Sew by hand or machine along the outside edges and tie off at the end. 

Isn't that super easy!

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  1. Great idea.... I use the mesh bags and tie them, forming a "scrubbie", but I have never used them w/ a sponge. Thank you. :)