10 Simple And Natural Ways To Relieve Teething Pain

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Ways To Relieve Teething Pain

Ouch...my baby just bit me. Sound familiar? Maybe, maybe not. It all depends on your baby. Teething is known to strike at any age and effects each baby differently. Teething can start as early as 4 months or come as late as 12 months. The effect teething has on the baby can be almost nonexistent to full out severe pain. 

Babies will often exhibit signs during this time which will alert you to their level of discomfort. Signs of teething include drooling, rosy cheeks, gum swelling, irritability, biting, decrease in appetite, or disturbances during sleep. 
So what can you do as a parent to help give your little one some relief. While there are over the counter remedies available to help you may prefer to use natural methods instead. 

The following are some natural methods you can try. Please keep in mind that some of these may work and some may not. It really depends on the level of discomfort your baby has as well as his or her willingness to accept the treatment.

1. Gum massage. Using a clean finger place on baby's gums and apply a gentle pressure and rub.
2. Distraction. Sometimes a change in scenery or activity will help take baby's focus away from the discomfort. Give baby a bath, read a story, or introduce a new object to play with. 
3. Nursing. Sometimes a little extra comfort and milk is all it takes.
4. Chill a spoon. Place a spoon in the fridge to cool and then give it to baby.
5. Teething biscuits. Select healthy biscuits with all natural ingredients. Check these Organic Vanilla Biscuits for Teethers available at The Green PolkaDot Box.

6. Ice cold water. Add some water and ice cubes to a baby bottle. This may give your little one a refreshing feeling.
7. Breastmilk cubes. Express some milk and freeze in an ice cube tray. Once frozen place cubes inside a mesh feeder and give to baby to suck on. This is ideal if baby has not yet been started on solid foods.
8. Wet or freeze a washcloth. Baby can gnaw at the cloth and get some relief at the same time.
9. Chilled foods. If your baby has been started on solid foods then opt for healthy choices such as applesauce, yogurt, and bananas.
10. Teething toys great for providing relief as well as keeping baby distracted. You can select types made from plastic, silicone, rubber, wooden, or plush 

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