10 Ways To Teach Children Good Moral Values

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Instilling good morals and values into our children is very important. Our children are the future so we need to ensure that we teach them at a young age, continuing right up into adulthood. 

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Our society is so advanced in the use of technology than it ever has been. While this can be a positive thing it can also create a negative impact on the way people now view one another. People become more neglectful of their duties to others. So what are some things we can do to ensure that we nor our children fall into this trap?

1. Respect your children just as you want them to respect you

Children learn by imitation so showing them respect is a great way to get back respect.

2. Practice good manners at all times

Be sure to talk to your children and discuss why we should practice good manners. Allow them to be involved when out and about. For instance, holding a door open for someone behind you, making sure litter goes in the trash can, and remembering to say please and thank you.

3. Watch your own language

Do not use language you would not want them to use. Think before you speak using distasteful and hurtful language toward others, especially in the presence of your children.

4. Give them responsibility

Chores are a great way to teach children responsibility, even from a young age. Just make sure the chore is age appropriate and do not over burden them. Make it a family event whereby everyone pitches in at the same time helping out.

5. Minimize bad influences around your children

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Television and internet are two major culprits here. While these may be hard to control at times we should try and at least monitor what is being viewed or surfed.

6. Read good stories

Stories about kindness, loyalty, and other good morals will help pave the way for morally conscience children.

7. Be polite and courteous to others

Hold a door open for the person behind you, offer your place in line to an elder, pregnant lady, or a person with special needs.

8. Offer encouragement 

Sometimes a simple smile or pat on the back can make a child feel so appreciated and worthwhile.

9. Play games

In almost any game players have to take turns, learn the patience of waiting for each to take a turn, and learn that they cannot always be winners. We should always encourage our children to strive for achievement however, we should also teach them to accept that it is okay to feel good about themselves and others whether they win or lose.

10. Talk to them about life experiences

This could include your own life experiences, any experiences going on around them, or events happening in the world. Today, more than ever we need to broaden our horizons and make one another aware of all the issues going on around us. While talking will help it is merely a step to what we should actually be doing. For instance, take your children and help out at a soup kitchen. Let your children be aware of what it is like to be without even the basic necessities. Make this a family and regular event.

Tree, Watering, Child, Planting, Garden

What are you doing to help instill good values into your children?

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