The television seems to be one of those luxuries that has become a necessity to the family home. Many families also have a need for not just one television set but two or maybe even three. We all know that there are bad effects associated with children watching television. 
So what does this mean?? Does it mean that we throw our television sets out to the trash? No, of course not! There are also good effects to 
watching television as well. In this post we will examine both the good and bad effects. We will also look at some tips to help us use the television more effectively when it comes to our children.

Good Effects:

* Acts as a free sitter. Great for those brief moments when parents may be busy.
* Enhancement of learnt knowledge through educational programs.
* Children who watch informative programs are more likely to continue watching these programs as adults.
*Can encourage a child to read. For instance a child may watch a program about dinosaurs and want to learn more. This is a great opportunity for the use of books.

Bad Effects:

* May delay language and speech development. The television keeps children from interacting with other people and playing. 
* Development of obesity. Children who spend many hours watching may not be getting much physical activity. Plus if they are snacking while watching that could increase the risk even more.
* Learn bad language content.
* Imitation of dangerous acts and violence.
* Psychological effects from scary programs such as risk of bad dreams.


* Make sure that the program content the child watches is suitable for his or her age.
* Treat television as a privilege or a reward that is earned after doing homework or chores.
* Put limits on the daily amount watched.
* Use television as family time by watching a program or movie together.
* Choose educational programs developed for children.
* Do not allow televisions in bedrooms.
* Encourage other activities such as reading, walking, other activities.

Effects of Television on Children

Thank you for reading!