Introducing Framed Canvas Prints!

Introducing Framed Canvas Prints Available at Mixbook!

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If you have been staring at your empty walls, searching for design inspiration, look no further! Mixbook presents, Framed Canvas Prints, a fantastic way to add beautiful custom décor to any room. Mixbook's Framed Canvas Prints add a sleek, contemporary style to the space and are bound to be a talking point for all your guests!

A high-quality canvas of your favorite photo can make a memory last for years. Mixbook has added a new dimension by offering floating frames for these prints as well!  Your canvas will look fantastic in white, black, or espresso colored frames to match any existing color scheme you have. Just like the Mixbook traditional canvas prints, the framed canvases come ready to hang, but now also provide sturdy support for placement on tables, mantles or other flat display surfaces. Get started by uploading a picture today on and transform your photos into works of art!

Your beautiful custom canvas prints also make beautiful gifts for those you love. Head on over to see more of Mixbook's Framed Canvas Prints!

Cutting the Cost of Expensive Tutoring Programs #TMInfluencer

Cutting the Cost of Expensive Tutoring Programs to Set Your Child up for Educational Success

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In today's world education has become more of a priority than ever before. There are many professions that in the past may have required a lesser degree of studies, however these same positions now require a higher level. The workforce is becoming much more competitive especially for those affected by a collapse of the economy.

Parents today are setting higher standards for their children. This can be very stressful on both parents and children. Some families turn to tutoring in hopes that their children will better their academic achievements. Tutoring is for those students who are failing in the classroom or who need remedial work. For many parents in other communities though, tutoring is a way of life. It’s how they help their children get better grades in school, and on entrance exams and standardized tests. understands that setting up your child up for educational success is a parent’s most important job. Their online educational program was designed by parents (with the support of education professionals) to help other parents and their kids aged Pre-K through 8th grade develop a lifelong love of learning.

Testing Mom Site Features:

- Fun Skill-building Games

- Challenging Learning Activities

- Test prep materials for all 50 states (including state standards and Common Core).

Plus! Parents can customize each child's program by choosing practice questions for state standard, Common Core and IQ tests, assessments required for entry into gifted and talented programs as well as testing needed for private school admissions.

Studies have shown that parental involvement with a child's education at home instills confidence, improves overall academic success and helps kids perform at their highest levels on test day. We also feature supplemental educational activities for specific subjects, like reading, math, science, social studies, programming, digital media and more!

What methods do you use to help your children to succeed academically? Do you get assistance from a tutor?

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10 Disposable Products to Avoid

10 Disposable Products to Avoid: Saving you Money and Helping the Environment 

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Disposable Products to Avoid

Most disposable products are made up of either paper or plastic materials and vary in terms of packaging. Whether they are packaged in boxes, plastic wrap, or bags in the end they all end up in the garbage. What many people fail to see though is that even though the items may be trash once used, it costs you money to do so. 

Disposal products also have a negative impact on the environment. Each time you toss something in the trash, you are just adding to the already existing piles of disposables in landfills. While not everyone can give up all forms of disposable items depending on individual and family needs, even giving up a few items can help save you money as well as the environment. Here are some items to consider.

1. Paper coffee cups. If you have to buy coffee while on the go purchase a refillable coffee thermos. Many places will even give a discount on the coffee which will pay for the cost of your refillable cup overtime.

2. Bottled water. It makes no sense at all to purchase bottled water yet most of us do even if it is only occasionally. Most of those bottles end up in the landfill. Instead, choose reusable, non-toxic,BPA-free water bottles filled with filtered tap water. You’ll save money, reduce your toxin load, and protect the environment all at once. 

3. Paper or plastic plates. These are most commonly used during parties and are such a waste of money. You can buy a bunch of sturdy reusable picnic dishes almost as cheaply as disposable ones. 

4. Plastic utensils. Disposable utensils are also unnecessary in every shape and form. You can now buy biodegradable, wooden and other types of compostable utensils which are obviously a better choice than plastic ones, however, in most cases (unless its a big party or event) you don't need to be using disposables at all.

5. Plastic straws. While straws are great for smoothies, milkshakes, and other drinks you may want to consider switching to stainless steel straws . What’s great about them is that you can clean them and reuse them for years.

6. Ziploc Bags. Ziploc bags are not only expensive, they are also difficult to recycle. It is much more sensible to buy reusable containers for storing leftovers or other foods.

7. Plastic shopping bags. Plastic bags are such an eyesore when strewn among the streets and are dangerous to wildlife. Keep reusable bags somewhere handy such as near the door or where you keep your wallet or purse. This you don’t forget them when you go shopping.

8. Paper Towels. Cotton washcloths are very inexpensive and work even better than paper towels.  It is very wasteful to use paper towels for liquid spills when you can just grab a cloth or rag and get the job done just as good.

9. Toilet paper. This one may not work for many people who are used to toilet paper. You won't know for sure unless you try. Some alternatives to using toilet paper are cloth wipes, and bidetsBidets is basically a sprayer that is attached near the toilet and available in many varieties. They are inexpensive and very easy to use. 

10. Floss picks. These might seem a quick and easy way to keep your teeth clean, but they are not reusable and costs much more than plain dental floss.

11. Diapers and wipes. Cloth diapers are no more time consuming than disposable diapers. Only difference is one goes to a landfill. This may not work for everyone but how will you know unless you give it a try. You can purchase individual cloth diapers to give it a trial run. You may even be lucky enough to get some free from companies looking for parents to test their diapers.

12. Nursing pads. Many breastfeeding mothers will start off with disposables and end up switchingto reuseables. Many mothers feel more comfortable with the soft cloth as opposed to the disposable ones.

13. Feminine hygiene pads or tampons. Did you know that there are now reusable products available for your periods? These include cloth pads and the diva cup.  Cloth pads are just as sanitary as the disposables without the added toxins. The diva cup fits like a tampon but catches your flow instead of absorbing it. 

14. Razors. If you are using disposable razors, it’s time to stop. You’re not doing the environment or your body any favors. Invest in an electric razor or am epilator to remove unwanted hair. Of course they are more expensive yet will pay for itself over time.

15. Travel size beauty products. Everyone knows it's cheaper to buy in bulk so why throw away money on travel-size toiletries that cost much more per ounce than the larger bottles you use at home? Instead, pick up a set of empty travel-size bottles and fill them with your favorite shampoo, conditioner, skincare lotion and other products.

16. Batteries. Disposable batteries are not only a re not only a waste of money but are very toxic when they enter landfills. They contain harmful metals like nickel,cadium, cobalt and they also contain mercury. If these chemicals leach into our environment, they are detrimental to our health and wildlife. Buy rechargeable batteries that can last up to several thousand recharges. Save money and keep these toxic chemicals out of landfills!

17. Ink Cartridges. Every school year we all buy new disposable pens and ink cartridges but where do the old ones go? Most likely they end up in landfills. To avoid this, buy refillable pens and ink cartridges.

18. Vacuum bags. The next time your vacuum needs replacing, consider buying one that doesn’t require vacuum bags. Most vacuums now have canisters you can empty and washable filters.

19. Dryer sheets. Dryer sheets are loaded with chemicals and quite pricey. For an alternative either add 1/4 cup of baking soda or vinegar to the wash to freshen up a load. You can also use wool dryer balls or make a ball out of aluminium foil. No toxins, no waste.

20. Gift wrap. Why not get creative with your wrapping instead of using wrapping paper from the shop. You can make gift wrap by using cloth fabrics, baskets, reuseable containers, or cloth bags. Wrap the gift and secure the end with some ribbon or elastic. 

Disposable Products to Avoid

Which disposable products have you stopped buying?

Easy Apple Sauce Recipe

Easy Homemade Applesauce with Only Three Ingredients 

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Easy Apple Sauce Recipe

Homemade applesauce is truly is one of the easiest and most delicious snacks you can make from scratch, and it doesn’t take much time at all. You can use apple sauce in many different ways, even as a substitute for certain ingredients. It is also very healthy, adding shine to your hair, a slimmer waist, and a feeling of contentment.

The following recipe is very easy to follow and uses basic, minimal ingredients. It is practical no fail. It also doesn't contain any sugar as the apples used already had enough sweetness. If you use a more less sweet tasting apple you may need a little sugar.


4 medium sized apples
1/2 cup water
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon


1. Peel, core, and either chop or chunk apples.
2. Place apples, water, sugar, and cinnamon in a saucepan and combine.
3. Cover and cook over medium heat for 15 minutes, or until apples are soft.
4. Mash with a fork or whisk until desired smoothness is reached. You can also blend the mixture if you want a more puree result.
5. Serve. Try adding applesauce to the following foods as a condiment: oatmeal, pancakes, or yogurt.

Easy Apple Sauce Recipe

Have you ever tried making your own applesauce?

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Epic: The leading eBook subscription service for kids

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As you may know, if you're not raising natural bookworms, getting kids to read can be a major challenge. Sometimes kids only have certain interests at a time. For instance, at the moment my two boys both enjoy any stories about animals. It is not always easy finding specific book when out shopping. It can even be a challenge online, at times. This is where Epic! comes in.

Epic!, for those of you who don't know, is this amazing digital library for kids 12 and under. It's basically a Netflix for kids' books. You can read it on your computer or laptop as well as any mobile device so it's perfect for long car rides, reading aloud at home and vacations, too! Even if you just need some ME time ;)

Plus, teachers love Epic! too. In fact, Epic! is being used in 70% of U.S. elementary schools! So you know it's a resource that's actually working!

You get instant access to more than 15,000 popular children's books, audiobooks, read-a-along books and videos all for $4.99/month. This costs less than one book!

The following are even more reasons to use Epic:

-Thousands of great titles with hundreds more added weekly including a wide variety of fiction, non-fiction, classics, historical, science and nature, favorite characters, how to, and much more. 
-Audio enabled “read-to-me” books
-Clear and vivid pictures, just like in a printed book
-Books from major publishers including HarperCollins, National Geographic and more
-Online and offline reading making it perfect for travelling. 
-Multiple profiles = a personalized reading experience for every kid in the family
-A detailed reading log to track reading progress 
-Unlock fun rewards, achievement badges and cool customization features by reading

The best news? You get try your first month 100% FREE. Sign up here: Read FREE for 30 days!

Have you tried Epic! yet? Let me know what you think of it so far. 

Indoor Family Fall Activities

10 Indoor Fall Activities to Enjoy as a Family

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Indoor Family Fall Activities

There are days throughout the entire year where you cannot go outside due to bad weather. Fall season is no exception. As the cold begins to move in families tend to spend more time inside than outside.These days can be quite dull, especially if you have children. Children want to be outside playing and having fun everyday. So what can you do as a parent when you have children stuck inside for an entire day.

1. Pancake breakfast with a variety of toppings to pick from. Before whipping up your pancakes lay out a variety of toppings such as fresh cream, yogurt, and jam. You can also slice up some bananas, strawberries, or peaches. Don't forget to include the traditional maple syrup, honey, and butter.

2. Have a fall themed scavenger hunt. This one can be prepared during a previous day when the weather is nice outside. Collect some items such as acorns, different colored leaves, sticks, small rocks, feathers and place them around the home. Give out a list and everyone collect the items.

3. Bowl. Empty plastic water or soda bottles and a tennis ball are all you need. If you cannot get the bottles to stand well upright just add a little water in each one.

4. Build. Using any materials such as cardboard boxes, pieces of wood, or empty containers work together in building a project.

5. Have an indoor picnic lunch. Choose Foods and drinks that you would normally take on an outdoor picnic. Spread a blanket and enjoy a simple meal together.

6. Decorate your home. Make a fall banner, a door wreath, change the table centrepiece to represent the fall season. Using items such as acorns, dried leaves, fake pumpkins, and candles will make your home feel more warm for the season.

7. Bake some sugar cookies and allow everyone to help decorate. Using food coloring mix up some fall colors for icing.

8. Create a family tree. For each family member draw a fall colored leaf. Use this time to talk with your children about family and ancestors.

9. Donate goods. Take a good look throughout your home including the pantry and bedroom closets. Remove anything that is no longer any use and donate it to various organizations

10. Watch a fall theme movie together. Some great classics include Charlotte's Webb, Babe, and Open Season. Don't forget to make some popcorn and serve with hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Indoor Family Fall Activities

What kinds of indoor activities does your family enjoy during the fall  season?