Saturday, 18 June 2016

12 Alternative Uses for Toothbrushes

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Alternative Uses for Toothbrushes Other Than Brushing Teeth

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Alternative Uses for Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes are inexpensive, handy, and completely reusable. An old toothbrush is one of my favorite reusable item which I use for several cleaning tasks around the home. Prior to reusing an old toothbrush I recommend disinfecting them, especially if you plan to use them in the kitchen or for personal use. This can be done by simply filling a container with equal amounts of hot water and vinegar. You can also use a few drops of bleach mixed with hot water. Leave them to soak for two to three hours. Rinse with water and allow to air dry. They are now ready to assist you with your cleaning.

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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Ways to Save Money Camping

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12 Great Ways to Save Money Camping in Summer 

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Ways to Save Money Camping

Camping is a fun way to spend time during the summer with family, especially when you have children. Whether you stay out for a night, weekend, or long holiday camping is the frugal way to do so. It is much cheaper than spending money on hotels and restaurants. Just be sure to plan out exactly what you will need before heading out on your camping adventure. Depending on your desire of comfort level you could run up quite an expense in materials and food.
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