Ways to Save Money Camping

12 Great Ways to Save Money Camping in Summer 

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Ways to Save Money Camping

Camping is a fun way to spend time during the summer with family, especially when you have children. Whether you stay out for a night, weekend, or long holiday camping is the frugal way to do so. It is much cheaper than spending money on hotels and restaurants. Just be sure to plan out exactly what you will need before heading out on your camping adventure. Depending on your desire of comfort level you could run up quite an expense in materials and food.

Whether you have already gone camping in the past and already have the gear you need or you are going out for the first time, here are some ideas to save money.

1. Choose a camp site close to home to save on fuel costs. If you have children it really doesn't matter where you stay as long as it is outside and away from home.

2. Invite another family along. Families can share the expense of the camp site, fuel, and food.

3. Buy used items. Shop at thrift stores for anything that can be used for your trip. Also, scope out yard sales which are plentiful during the spring and summer months. Look for kitchen items, bedding that can be used instead of sleeping bags, and sweaters that can be worn in cool temperatures.

4. Burrow gear such as tents, sleeping bags, and coolers from other family members. These items are quite expensive and if you are not frequent campers than it is better to burrow.

5. Take along items from home. Pots, pans, plastic dishes, cutlery, etc will work just fine. Remember to bring dish liquid so that dishes can be washed.

6. Plan your menu prior to leaving. Pack food items such as spices inside small plastic bags and condiments inside small bottles or containers. Bulk up on more dry goods such as oatmeal, nuts, homemade trail mix as well as a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that can be ate in their raw form. 

7. Bring along two coolers to store drinks and foods separately. The cooler with the drinks will be opened more. This will help save costs on ice stored in the cooler with foods. 

8. Shop clearance sections in stores. Look for any cheap kitchen items as well as cheap bedding. In the fall stores will usually put some of their camping gear on sale as well.

9. Shop in bulk food sections. Foods such as granola, nuts, dried fruits, beans, etc will be more fresher and much less expensive bagged and weighed as compared to prepackaged varieties.

10. Pack coolers with blocks of ice instead of cubes. Blocks will take longer to melt saving you money in the long run. 

11. Pack a roll of duct tape. This tape is perfect for anything that needs a quick patch up such as tears in your tent or clothing, This will save you the time and costs of going into town for repairs.

12. Keep it simple. When taking children along camping remember to make it fun for them. Plan out activities ahead of time and remember to keep all weather systems in mind. Scavenger hunts, nature walks, swimming, or fishing are all easy and cheap outdoor activities. Bring along a few board games, puzzles, or special craft in case the weather turns bad.

Do you and your family enjoy camping?

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  1. Excellent tips. My boys are scouts and camp often. One of their favorite tools to take along is duct tape lol.

  2. What a cool tip about the block of ice! We usually just buy bags from Walmart but they never seem to last long