Sunday, 22 February 2015

Certified pre-owned Devices Available At Gazelle


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What to do When Your Device Gets Wet
Nooooo!!! It has happened to most of us, and usually happens in s-l-o-w motion when it does: your phone takes the deep plunge, goes for a swim, dives into the deep end. Any way you say it, when your phone splashes into water, your heart stops for a half second and you immediately pray that somehow, someway, your phone will survive it's liquid vacation.

There are some great tips to help increase your phone's survival rate, but if you find yourself unable to resuscitate your beloved device, have no fear - Gazelle is here! Gazelle has you covered with 'like new' devices at an affordable price that are all put through an industry-leading 30-point inspection to make sure that all features are fully functional and offers you the peace of mind of a 30-day risk-free return period, all with no contracts or strings attached. So if your device decides to take a bath, make sure to check out Gazelle for your replacement!


Thanks so much for the great tips. Gazelle sounds like a great option at a cheaper price.

I had forgotten about this site. Thanks for the reminder!

Thanks for this information. I've been lucky (now that I say that let's see what happens), but we are 12 devices in across our family with only one taking a bath. :) When my daughter gets old enough for her own device, I'll probably spring for the extra protection though.

great share on this.. since they take in any condition device it only makes sense to sell them also.

That sounds great! I "thankfully" (knock on wood) have never dropped my device in water yet. But if I ever do, I now know where to turn.

I have sold phones on Gazelle but until recently I had no clue that you could buy phones too. This is awesome to know in case something happens to any of our phones.

Thanks for this great tip, Gazelle sounds wonderful, I'll have to give a look into it later!

Never heard of them. Will for sure keep them in mind.

Sounds like they have some really great deals on the site. Will check this out. :)

Wow! I'll have to check Gazette out. I'd never even heard of them, but yes, it HAS happened to me before!

I haven't heard of this before. Very cool! I'm all about deals and things for less!

Gazelle? I am so glad I found this post..I had never heard of this site and now I am eager to check it out.

My tablet getting wet is pretty much my biggest fear at the moment. I know my fiance has had some serious close calls with his phone!

This is such a great way to save a few bucks! I'm going to bookmark the site now.

Iv'e never heard of them. However, its great that there are companies like this!

Gazelle sounds really great as most of us have the problem of making our Phone wet in no time. It is great they do the replacement in affordable price. Thanks for sharing.

If the company gives a warranty I would have no problem with buying a 2nd hand one :-)