Tips To Keep A Front Loading Washing Machine Odor Free

Front loading washing machines have great qualities. As with any other appliance though they do require care on ocassion in order to keep them functioning smoothly.  One important part of maintenance is cleanliness and the prevention of odors.

The following are tips on how to keep a front load washing machine clean and odor free.

Zalabia - Egyptian Fritters

Zalabia - Egyptian Fritters

During my latest stay in Egypt I came across this recipe that is very similar to a doughnut hole. However the texture is not as cake like. It is more biscuit like and not as sweet. This recipe is made with the simplest of ingredients and very easy to make. It is also egg free which is great for anyone with egg allergies.
I find these the perfect addition to a cup of tea or coffee!

10 Uses For Used Tea Bags

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10 Uses For Used Tea Bags

Tea has many health benefits as many people are aware. Tea revitalizes body cells, helps fight cancer, and reduces the risk of stroke as well as other diseases. What many people are not aware of are the benefits that also come from the used tea bags. Once you have finished drinking that nice cup of tea don't discard the bag. 
The following include a number of useful and unique uses for old tea bags.

DIY Hair Scrunchy

One thing about me is I like to keep my hair up most of the  time. This causes me to go through quite a few hair scrunchies. I prefer to use these as it is just a matter of pulling my hair back and wrapping the scrunchie around. 
These hair scrunchies are fairly cheap to buy though the costs can add up over time.

You will need:

1 piece material (18 inches long by 3 inches wide)
1 elastic (9 inches long)
measuring tape
safety pin