Saturday, 29 November 2014

10 Natural Ways To Relieve Dry Chapped Lips

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10 Natural Ways To Relieve Dry Chapped Lips

Dry chapped lips is a common complaint for many people especially during the cold winter months. It is relatively easy and inexpensive to walk into a store and purchase some lip balm of the shelves. However what happens if for some reason you have none on hand and are not able to just run out and buy some. 

Turns out there are various other products that can be just as efficient to help help provide quick relief of dry   chapped lips. These are common items that you may just have laying around your home already. How much more simpler is there?

1. Cucumber. Rub a slice over lips for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse lips with water afterward.
2. Honey. Rub some over lip before going to bed. Wipe off the next morning.
3. Milk cream. Since it contains a high fat content it will help in moisturizing lips. Apply to lips and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Wipe off using a piece of cloth dipped in lukewarm water.
4. Coconut oil. This is a very effective method. Apply just a small amount to lips several times daily.
5. Aloe Vera. Along with its ability to naturally moisturize the lips it is also an anti-inflammatory which will also help to relieve soreness. Apply a small amount to lips daily.

6. Petroleum jelly. Apply to lips as desired during the day.
7. Green Tea teabag. To help moisturize apply to lips for about 5 minutes.
8. Sugar and honey scrub. Sugar will exfoliate dead cells from chapped lips and help restore its natural softness. Mix well two teaspoons of sugar with one teaspoon of honey to form into a paste. Apply to lips for a few minutes to make the lips soft. Then use your fingers to massage the paste around your lips for a minute or two. Rinse lips with lukewarm water.
9. Rose petals. This will help to not only moisturize your lips but also enhance its natural color. Take a handful of rose petals and rinse thoroughly. Add the petals to a small bowl of milk and soak for a few hours. Then gently mash the petals to create a thick paste. Apply this paste to lips and leave it. Repeat twice daily and once before going to bed.
10. Water. Helping to keep the body hydrated will help to prevent and heal dry chapped lips. Drink several glasses per day including upon first awakening in morning as well as before going to bed.


I never would have thought of some of those. I am going to try the honey!

I LOVE using coconut oil on my lips. It makes them feel super soft! I wouldn't never thought of using milk cream though!

I've never heard of most of those. Staying hydrated and using coconut oil are what works in our house! Our kids always lick their lips too much (so putting honey/cream wouldn't work so well...)

I've heard of some of these tips (petroleum jelly, green tea) but never cucumber. Just tired it and it worked!

Great tips- I am always struggling with dry lips!

I would have never associated cucumber with lip care. You usually hear about them being used for tired eyes and skin care.

These are really great tips. My lips feel horrible in the winter time.

petroleum jelly works for me! Awesome tips by the way!

I had no idea that you could use coconut oil to moisturize your lips. I am going to try this.

I knew about Aloe. I did NOT know about coconut oil. Seems like it's good for so many things!

I had no idea! The only thing I've ever used from this list is petroleum jelly.

I'm so going to try that sugar and honey scrub. Water is so helpful with chapped lips!

Wow! Who would have thought of honey?!? Love thise and will be trying some of them. Thanks!

Thanks for these great tips! I always suffer from terrible chapped lips every winter, so these will help me. I actually think I have some coconut oil in my pantry, too!

I would have never thought of some of these. I will have to try out the rose petals option. I suffer from chapped lips all winter!

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Wonderful tips! I also like that you added hydration. We sometimes forget to hydrate enough in the cooler weather.

Great tips!!! Thanks for Linking up to #stumbleintotheweekend