Upcycled Pen Holder

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Upcycled Pen Holder

When we have emptied a food container whether it be plastic, metal, or cardboard I always put it to the side instead of tossing it in the trash. These empty packages  always seem to be useful around the home. Whether it be used for additional food storage, craft projects, or other re-purposing. 

Recently I had noticed that we were using a ceramic drinking mug as storage for our writing pens. While the mug does serve this purpose it would be nice to have a storage container without a handle. I had a few tin cans in the cupboard. I took one out and very simply made it into a pen holder. 

Materials needed: 

 wrapping paper

These are all items that you most likely already have in your home. There is no need to go out a purchase special materials.

Upcycled Pen Holder


1. Measure out enough paper to fit around the can.

2. Use your pencil to mark where you will cut.

  3. After cutting your paper to fit apply just a little glue under the first end of the paper. Press down and then wrap the paper around the can. 

4. Lastly apply just enough glue under the last end to hold it in place.

Have you upcycled lately? If not would you consider doing so?

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  1. we have a tin can waiting for a project just like this!!

  2. Awesome idea! Stopping by while riding The Great Blog Train Chain Linky Climb! So glad you join the train and hope to see you every week! Happy Holidays!

  3. so pretty! I always save these containers with a little bit creativity :)