Friday, 21 March 2014

20 Surprising Uses For Bobby Pins

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20 Surprising Uses For Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are a wonderful and inexpensive hair accessory. Its main purpose is for holding hair in place. There are actually other uses for bobby pins other than holding back strands of hair. 

Keep a few of these pins in a small case or little bag handy in your purse, car, and sewing basket. You never know when they may just come in handy.

Now onto some other surprising uses!

1. Attach small fabric pieces or small trinkets to top of pin making it a cute hair accessory.

20 Surprising Uses For Bobby Pins

2. Make jewelry. Apply paint, glitter, or little trinkets to make a broach or add to earrings or necklaces.

3. Nail art tool for making designs on fingernails or toenails such as little dots. 

4. Clean under fingernails.

5. Toothpaste saver. Using a pin push the unused toothpaste in the tube forward.

20 Surprising Uses For Bobby Pins

6. Replacement for the pull on a broken zipper.

7. Securing a belt. Secure the lose end of a belt for a more neater appearance. 

8. Thread a string back into the waist of a pair of pants.

9. Pant hem. While out if a hem comes undone use a clip or two to hold it up.

20 Surprising Uses For Bobby Pins

10. Pit cherries or olives. Push the ends of the bobby pin in making sure that there is an end on either side of the pit. Then push until both ends come out the other side of the cherry or olive. Grab the ends and pull them all the way through along with the pit.

11. Pin a bag of open snacks closed to seal in freshness. 

20 Surprising Uses For Bobby Pins

12. Hold down the end of a string from a ball of yarn.

13. For gluing hard to reach areas. 

14. Mark the end on a roll of clear tape making it easier to find for future use.

20 Surprising Uses For Bobby Pins

15. Clothespin alternative. Use on the lighter fabrics if facing a shortage of regular clothespins.

16. Hold a small nail in place.

20 Surprising Uses For Bobby Pins

17. Use in place of a paper clip to hold papers together.

18. A bookmark. Use to bookmark a page without worrying of it falling out whereas a paper bookmark will most likely slide out.

20 Surprising Uses For Bobby Pins

19. Use in place of straight pins to hold fabric together for sewing. This has become a favorite alternative of mine as I no longer have to worry about stabbing myself with those sharp straight pins.

20. Mark items such as thread, measuring tape, or ribbon. Pin down the end to make it look neat and easier to find for future use.

20 Surprising Uses For Bobby Pins

Do you have any other handy uses for bobby pins? Please feel free to share!


So many great ideas that I never thought of! I don't normally use bobby pins, but I think I'll have to add some to my cart the next time I'm at the store. :)

I have used them on the hem of pants before. I have also used them on my skirts if the waist is to big or lost a button type of thing and could not find a safety pin.

I will never look at a bobby pin the same way again!!! So many great ideas!!

This post is a timely read :) I was just thinking of disposing unused bobby pins here at home. Thanks for this :)

You are wonderful! Yet another pinworthy post that has taught me a trillion helpful hints!! Tahnk you so much :)

Great idea as well to use them on a skirt waist. I love all these quick fixes :)

Some pretty creative ideas here, some of them I have done before, some just learned. Thank you! I'll definitely be trying the toothpaste trick since my fingers just don't cut it!

What fantastic ideas. We have tons of bobby pins around thanks to my daughter's dancing, I can't believe I never thought of some of these. Thanks! Pinning!

The toothpaste saver is brilliant. I'll be trying that tonight when I get home.

I never thought of most of these things! (A lot of them, though, are things that I use safety pins for.) The toothpaste thing is brilliant!

I like the end of tape tip! I already know about the zipper thing. I've used it on many occasions!

Wow! Aren't you just the McGuyver of Frugalism. Great tips I definitely will be incorporating a lot of these in my home. Thanks

You're like the MacGuyver of moms! I love it :) I'll have to carry bobby pins with me now :) Thanks!

These are great tips. I think I need a list of "20 ways to not LOSE your bobby pins" haha.

This is such a great list! Many things I have never thought of!

I remember my Mom wearing bobby pins all the time in her hair! I love the idea of adding a cute little embelishment to make it fancy!