Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Summer Bubble Fun


Homemade Bubble Blower and Bubbles

One fun activity that kids enjoy during the summer is blowing bubbles. I remember when I was a little girl how much time was spent blowing and chasing these bubbles. At that time there was just a little container with a plastic wand with a hoop inside. My sister and I thought these were the best things in the shops. Of course this can get to be expensive after some time. Especially with all the new and fancy types that are on store shelves today. Then I remember my mom and how she used to refill our bottles with dish soap and water. It worked exactly the same. It brought back the memories of the fun and enjoyment shared between my sister and I during the summer months.
Just recently I started keeping these empty plastic containers we receive some take away food in. My intention was to keep them to use for craft making. With summer now here it is a great time to make our own bubble blower, saving us a trip to the store and some money. So why not turn this into a kid's craft project. They can even decorate the outside of the container if they like. 

Homemade Bubble Blower and Bubbles 

Materials Needed:

Empty container
Flexible straw
Hole punch
Dish soap

The steps to make it:

1. Using a hole punch, punch a hole anywhere on the top of the lid keeping away from the sides. Make a hole in the container. Make sure the hole is away from the bottom as the liquid would leak out when it is filled. I did not have a hole punch so I used a heated nail to make the holes. 

Homemade Bubble Blower and Bubbles

2. Place the straw inside the hole of the container. Insert using the flexible end and aim it downward.

Homemade Bubble Blower and Bubbles

3.  Pour some dish soap and water into the container. Put the lid on with the hole in the lid opposite of the one in the container. 

Homemade Bubble Blower and Bubbles

Have lots of fun blowing bubbles!!!


Great idea! My little guy loves bubbles : )

What a great idea. My youngest loves bubbles and can spend hours playing with them :)

Super fun idea! My kiddos will love it!

I'm totally going to make bubbles for the kids this summer, they love bubbles!

Hi Nicole!
Thank you :)
It really is great entertainment for kids.

Hi Ann!
Thank you :)
For some reason kids never seem to get bored with this no matter how much time they spend playing with them.

Hi there!
Thank you :)
Kids sure do love these and I hope yours will have much fun this summer!!!

Hi Nicole!
Thank you :)
These are so easy to make and so inexpensive.

This would be a great idea to have as a game at a birthday party!!! Love it!

That is such a cool idea. My nephew would love that!

Michelle F.