Benefits of Playing Solitaire

Benefits of Playing Solitaire

With fall having settled in and winter just around the corner, people are spending more time inside the home. If you have been spending more time inside the home you may be looking for an activity that you can enjoy inside. 

Playing solitaire is a wonderful way to relax and have fun. As a stay at home mom of three I enjoy playing solitaire. I find it is easier to play online as the cards are provided, sorted, and dealt out for you. You also don't have to worry about losing any cards.

Benefits of Playing Solitaire

Solitaire is actually a popular age-old classic. Some of the most common versions of Solitaire include Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, etc.  While it is a wonderful card game to relax and play, turns out there are many benefits of playing solitaire.

1. Improves memory

Frequently playing solitaire assists with unconsciously using one’s memory as your mind remembers numbers, colours and suits. This is a great form of exercise for the brain.

2. Develops strategy skills 

Since the game requires the player to think ahead, it flexes the brain muscles, especially those involved in creating strategies. Even though solitaire does not include overly complicated moving schemes, you're still going to be employing some whenever you play.

3. Calms your mind 

Since solitaire is a low-risk game it can be beneficial mentally for anyone who worries a lot or suffers from anxiety.  Releasing excess tension from your mind and body and entering a calm, meditative state of mind that will allow you to enjoy your day.

Benefits of Playing Solitaire

4. Make you more patient

The best results are achieved in solitaire with patience. Waiting for the right move may take time and as a result gratification can be delayed. Patience is an important life skill that is practiced and improved through this game.

5. It's fun 

Last but not least, this game is fun to play and a great way to pass time. It provides you with joy when you finally win a game after so many attempts. This is the reason why the game has stuck around for so many years and is still a popular game being played across the world.

Benefits of Playing Solitaire

Do you know any other benefits of playing solitaire?

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