4 Reasons Why Ottawa is a Great Place to Live

When most people move within Canada, three cities are usually on the top of their lists.

Unfortunately, many people overlook Ottawa as an option.  As the nation's capital, Ottawa has a lot of power, many jobs, and a lot of incredible people!  If you're considering moving, and aren't sure if this city is a great choice for you, here are the top reasons it's a great pick for anyone.

The Nation’s Capital

Although a nation's capital isn't as important location-wise with the furthering of communication technology, Ottawa is still a vital part of almost all legislation and decision-making.  While in the city, you can see parliament, the prime ministers' estate, and hundreds of other historic buildings that hold a heavy significance with them.  There’s so much in Ottawa that’s worth a second look, and every part of this city helps mold Canada into the country that it is.

The Best Schools for Kids

If you’re looking at Ottawa homes for sale so that your family can move out here: you'll never find a better match for a family with kids.  Because it's the country's capital, there are countless politicians, lawyers, and military representatives who have children in the school systems.  This ensures a lot of money is invested into offering the best education possible for children in the area.

Ottawa University is one of the most prestigious schools in the country, so even when the kids have graduated secondary school, there are great education options within the city.  Getting to know the educational system in the town is a large reason why many families move into Ottawa.

Fantastic Mixture of Art and History

Inexpensive Despite High Quality of Life

Although most large cities are expensive: Ottawa likes to prove that you can live in a large city without having to make hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.  The cost of living is surprisingly low compared to the national average.  On top of this, the quality of life is incredibly high.  People who live in Ottawa get the chance to live in an extremely culturally enriching city while also saving a lot of money.  This all makes the city more appetizing for families who are trying to start a life for themselves.

Art and History Are Vital

Outside of schools and formal education: the museums in Ottawa can't be rivaled.  Whatever topic you're interested in: there's a museum for it, from the incredible royal gardens to museums for sciences, art, history, and endless other options.  The most popular museums are the Canadian Museum of Nature, which delves into the country's natural history since long before it became Canada, and the National Gallery of Canada, which showcases the best artists born both in and outside of the country.  

Ottawa is more than just a capital city.  This is a thriving and ever-growing, and changing area that anyone would be lucky to call home.  From the gorgeous museums to the education and quality of life, it's impossible to beat this city.

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