How to Keep Your Home Free of Dust

Does anyone else seem to cringe at the thought of cleaning dust? Who would have thought it could cause someone to want to avoid it at all costs. After all its not time consuming and is pretty simple to just wipe over dust.

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Dust accumulates in all corners of our house. Things can  session. It can get out of control so quickly and easily at times. As well there are certain things in your home that may be harder to clean than others.

The following are 15 tips that will help keep your home free of dust.

1. Proper tools

When choosing something to dust with select those that will grab the dust instead of pushing it around. A feather duster may be fun to use or look fancy but for serious dusting, a microfiber cloth is more effective. Microfiber cloths literally grab a hold of dirt, are super absorbent, streak-free, and doesn't leave any particles behind. Other handy tools you may already have on hand are a broom, vacuum, an old toothbrush or anything with soft bristles. You might also want to have a cleaning solution handy such as a spray bottle with equal parts of vinegar and water.

2. Work from high to low surfaces

When it's time to dust to your house, start from high reach areas such as ceilings, ceiling fans, molding, and walls. Then work your way down to the furniture, electronics, shelves, and baseboards. Starting from the highest level will send the dust fluttering to the floor. Once you have reached your floors, most of the dust will have ended up there and be easy to remove.

3. Coffee filters 

A coffee filter can do wonders for your dusting game. It's a great way to clean the TV, computer, or any other screens. It removes dust without having to use a spray which could result in damage to your electronics. Coffee filters can also prevent your screens from becoming scratched.

4. Use an old pillowcase to clean ceiling fans

Dusting fan blades using an old pillowcase is so much more effective and easier than using a feather duster. 

5. Vacuum upholstery 

Upholstered furniture, curtains, and home decor items are not only perfect magnets for dust, it also produces it. Every time you sit down, upholstery fibres are sent into the air.

6. Old toothbrush

Traditional dusters aren't great at getting dust out of smaller nooks and crannies. Use a toothbrush to get into those many tight spaces.

7. Old socks 

Have a bunch of odd or old socks just laying around? Put one on your hand and get to work. It works on pretty much every surface. It is actually one of the simplest ways to clean blinds. For harder to reach areas attach the sock to a ruler to clean.

8. Use a broom to reach high corners

A broom can help reach corners where dust and cobwebs have gathered. 

9. Dryer sheets

Use a dryer sheet to dust your baseboards. It helps repel dirt for awhile and gets them cleaner than using the vacuum.

10. Wash bed sheets on a weekly basis 

Dust is partly made up of dead skin cells which bed sheets will be full of them. Washing your sheets weekly will help keep dust from getting into the air and spreading throughout the rest of your home.

11. Declutter regularly

Decluttering often means there are fewer things for dust to accumulate on. And did you know that some of your clutter can actually create dust? Fabrics including clothes, towels, and curtains can shed fibers which all adds to the dust buildup in your home.

12. Use a HEPA filter 

HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters reduce dust mites in your home. By trapping tiny particles such as dust mites, pollen, and pet dander you are less likely to breath them in.

13. Good pet care

Dead skin cells and dead hair are a major source of dust. Furry friends produce a lot of hair. Bath and groom pets regularly to help keep dead skin and hair from accumulating.

14. Clean your houseplants

Houseplants are a major collector of dust. Not only is this bad for your health, but a coating of dust on a plant's leaves makes it difficult to absorb sunlight. Simply use a microfiber cloth to brush off the dust.

15. Use doormats 

Doormats can welcome guests to your home but they’re also a useful way to cut down on dust. If you’re not using doormats at all yet, then any kind can be a big help in controlling dust.

How do you keep your home free of dust?


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