Top Short Sleeve Dresses You'll Want to Wear All Summer Long


Short Sleeve Dresses

Summer's here, and it is heating up. It will be July 4th in no time! With the temperatures steadily climbing, this is your time to get in on some shopping for the sweet summer short sleeve dresses you've always wanted. After months of casual and stay-at-home sweatpants, why not treat yourself to the most effortless, most stylish single-item outfit that is now more essential than ever? 

The Dainty All-Day Dress

Don't discount the simple sundress. Use it as a beach or pool-side coverup, take it to a wedding with the right accessories, wear it on the weekend neighborhood strolls, picnics, or even going out for a cocktail. Airy and light, the dainty day dress will probably be the main dress you find yourself reaching for this summer. 

The Little White Dress

You've heard of the little black dress, but now it's time for the little white summer dress to take on the world. A simple white short-sleeved dress could be your next cure-all for summer style problems. Whether it's lace, eyelets, off-white, ivory, or cream, you'll want to check these out. Turn your attention especially to the ruched, tiered, ruffle-sleeved versions for endless accessorizing options. It can be as simple as changing your footwear, jewelry, and purses to make your little white dress look and feel new every time. 

Pop a Collar

Are you still working from home? Or maybe you've been trickling slowly back into the workplace? No matter if it's zoom or the board room, you can feel polished no matter what environment in a collared or crisp shirt dress. These soft yet clean-cut-looking dresses will be sure to help you get the job done. Plus, these styles don't look too professional—just the right amount, meaning you can take a mid-afternoon stroll, a work break, or wear them as a casual-chic weekend option. 

Don't get stuck in a wardrobe rut this summer! Make sure you enjoy these top short sleeve dresses you'll want to wear all summer long! 

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