10 Ways to Save Money with a Newborn

There is nothing that surpasses the feeling of holding your newborn baby for the first time. When you gaze down at your little baby's eyes and realize that they will be depending on you for their every need, you have to plan well. Planning well is essential as you will soon find out that everything is quite expensive.

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It’s important to start saving money wherever you can. Below are ten surprising ways which you can save money with a Newborn. However depending on your family’s situation and preferences some of these may or may not helpful. It doesn't mean that anyone is wrong. It just means that every parent takes care to provide for their newborn baby in the best way they possibly can.

1. Breastfeed

Breast milk is considered to be healthier and more economical than formula. If you are not able to breastfeed then you can choose to formula feed your baby. That is fine. Just be sure to take advantage of the freebies and coupons available from the various companies that provide baby formula. It will help you save. 

2. Get deals on diapers

Buying diapers in bulk can often work out cheaper than buying the regular sized packages. Stocking up for the first few weeks is essential. Just be careful not to purchase too many of the newborn size as your baby may not take long to outgrow it.

3. Use cloths for diaper changes

Instead of buying disposable Wipes simply use some cotton cloth or flannel fabric and wet with just plain water. Disposable wipes can be convenient, but the costs do add up. You can also add a little baby shampoo to the water if you want.

4. Purchase a changing pad instead of a changing table

You don’t need to buy a changing table just to change your baby's diapers. They can be quite pricey and take up space. In fact many parents who have one hardly ever use it. Instead just purchase a changing pad. You can then change your baby anywhere and still keep surfaces under the pad from getting soiled. This is super handy especially after arriving home from delivery. You can simply change your baby in the bed where you are taking rest. 

5. Use cloth diapers

Today's modern Cloth diapers are becoming more popular and helps cut costs and reduce waste as well. They are just as easy to change as a disposable diaper and as easy to maintain as any other laundry wash. 

6. Shop sales and clearance

If you have favorite retailers, sign up for their email coupons and pay attention to their sales cycles. Target, Carter's, Albee Baby and other retailers regularly hold special offers, mark down items, or placing them on clearance.

7. Don't spend money on baby shoes

Your baby does not need shoes. In fact shoes can get in the way of your baby learning to walk. When you take your baby outside socks or booties are sufficient enough. You could even let your baby go barefoot in summer when the weather is hot.

8. Co sleep

Co-sleeping is a wonderful way to increase bonding and extra cuddles with your newborn. Your baby will feel secure and comforted throughout the night which will lead to better sleep. It is also easier for moms who are breastfeeding as you do not need to get in and out of bed every couple of hours.

9. Skip the diaper pail

Simply add to your regular garbage and empty out more frequently. Diaper pails can be quite expensive and the disposable liner costs will add up to even more over time. 

10. Let people know what you need

Family and friends are likely to bring gifts for a new baby, so try to let them know what will be most useful for you and your baby.  Encourage them to bring items that will make a difference. 

Do you have any additional tips on ways to save money with a newborn? 

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