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Do you have an old iPhone, smartphone, or tablet just laying around collecting dust? Why not check out Gazelle's Trade-in Store.
Gazelle buys used electronics for cash, even damaged ones! Many consumers have used Gazelle for years to sell millions of gadgets.

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Gazelle offers trade ins for everything from smartphones to tablets to MacBooks... the list goes on. So rather than let it sit lonely, collecting dust in a drawer, they'll take it off of your hands, keep it out of the landfills, send it on a new adventure and give you money in return... what a perfect ending!

Any idea what happens to a smart phone that's sent to Gazelle?

The first leg of a device's journey is to Gazelle's processing facility in Kentucky. Once it’s there, the Gazelle team rigorously inspects 30 points of the phone to confirm its condition and then all data is immediately wiped from the device to ensure that any personal information that may have been left behind stays secure.

After the reset, the next leg of the journey begins, where the device is made to look brand new again. This could be through replacing a broken screen or smoothing out some of those nicks (for example). Then, the device is off to find an owner, being purchased at a cost more affordable than a brand new one. And a new consumer falls in love with the device, all over again! Pretty neat, eh?


With their Certified pre-owned service, Gazelle goes the extra mile for their customers:

Gazelle puts every single phone through a 30-point quality inspection process. There are no contracts and no strings attached. If you're not totally satisfied with your new device, Gazelle lets you return it within 30 days of purchase - risk free. You get a really nice phone, in Like New or Good condition, at a great price.

Do you want to purchase an upgraded device but don't want to pay full-price for it at checkout? Consider Gazelle's new financing options. Gazelle now offers 6, 12 and 18-month* financing plans through Affirm on all certified pre-owned devices. 

For example, let's say you have your ey
e on that Gazelle Certified iPhone 5S but don't have the cash to pay the full $199 up front. 

If you qualify for a 10% APR* through Gazelle's partner, Affirm, you could finance it and have a low monthly payment of only $11.94 per month!

APR ranges from 10%-30% based on Affirm’s qualifiers and customer's credit rating. 

How Affirm Works:

    ✓ Quick approval - You provide basic information and get an instant approval decision as to what your APR and monthly payment will be.

    ✓ Easy payments - You can spread your purchase over time with fixed, monthly payments. Rates from 10–30% APR.

    ✓ All you need to do is select "Financing withAffirm" at checkout.

Shop Gazelle Certified today and check out their 6, 12 and 18-month* financing options.

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  1. Oh, I have an old smartphone lying around. I should send it in to Gazelle. I like that you can also buy pre-owned devices for a lot cheaper!