How Animoto Can be Beneficial for Businesses

How Animoto Can be Beneficial for Businesses

Animoto makes it easy to create professional videos on the web and on the go. It is well known that videos build brand loyalty, increase conversion and encourage customer engagement. Animoto wants to make it even easier for you to create videos for your business that will set you apart from the competition.

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With Animoto you can create a video clip up to twenty minutes long. You can choose a combination of video, photographs and text. When using Animoto, you can upload a company logo and have this displayed at the beginning, end or throughout the whole video as a watermark. There is also a whole library of songs that you can chose from if you want to have a backing track. There is a wide range of video styles to choose from. The entire process, from uploading to editing, is extremely easy to use.

The following are some ways Animoto is beneficial to businesses.

1. Create informative videos

Videos are the best way to get information across, Animoto allows you to upload snippets of video footage and combine them with photographs and text to gather all key information into one easy video.

2. Increase social following

With high-quality videos you will be able to attract more customers resulting in a higher following as well as more engagement on your social media platforms. 

3. Advanced editing tools

Ability to add multiple songs, any length video clips, remove Animoto branding and customize fonts and colors.

4. Save you time

You can create professional-quality videos with photos and video clips quickly and easily, even without any prior video making experience.

5. Promote

There are hundreds of reasons why a business may need to use a video as a promotional technique, for example they may have brought out a new product or line, or they may have a new production process or even a new unique selling point

6. Bring all of your images together in one easy video

If you have a business that is extremely photograph based, whether you have a wide range of products or services or simply like to show what you have to offer in a creative, interesting format Animoto can help you.

7. Add your company's logo

Strengthen the professionalism and branding of your video by adding a logo at the beginning, end or throughout your video without worrying about the details of animation and timing.

8. Video hosting

Immediately share and view without the steps required to put the video on another site. We host your videos in the cloud for easy viewing by you and your customers from any computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone.

9. Download and burn videos to DVD

Need to burn your video to a disk to give to a client or include in a sales proposal? In cases where you might not have Internet access, you can download the video file to your computer or burn it to a DVD to be viewed offline.

10. Easy to track video stats

Manage all of your videos in one place and track views across sites including your company website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, email and more.
Create a video now to experience these great features. Don’t currently have a Pro subscription? Try Pro now with our free trial.

Try Animoto now to see how beneficial it can be for your business.

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  1. Wow, Animoto sounds like a great video software! Yes, businesses need to incorporate video for their marketing purposes.