10 Ways to Help Your Children Settle into School

Ways to Help Your Child Settle into School

Starting school is a big transition for children. Some children seem to accept starting school very easily, however some children have a hard time accepting and adjusting.

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The following are ten ways to help your children settle into school.

1. Talk to your children about school 

Explain to them why it is important to attend school. Explain the role of the teacher. “Tell them it’s not just someone who’s going to teach them sums and reading but who’s there to care for them as well. If they feel sad or angry, tell them to tell the teacher.

2. Take your children school shopping

Take them with you when shopping for school bags, lunchboxes and other school supplies. Be positive about the whole shopping expedition, and where possible, let them choose their school bag or lunchbox. Ensure that your child can open and close their school bag, lunchbox and drink bottle.

3. Ensure plenty of rest

Having  a regular bedtime will help your child feel secure and confident, in addition to being well rested. Be sure to set a regular time and follow it to ensure the ease of getting up each morning. 


4. Establish a good morning routine

Routines can help your child feel safe and secure, particularly when new things are happening. It is simple to set up a routine. For example, wake up, eat breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, pick up backpack, lunchbox and go.

5. Ensure they can take care of their personal needs

Encourage your children to do things on their own such as putting on their own clothes and shoes. It is important that they can take care of personal hygiene such as washing their hands, wiping their nose, and use the bathroom. Ensure that they are also able to unwrap their food and open and close their beverage bottle.

6. Pack a special lunch

Put together a lunch that is nutritious and tasty. Be sure to add a few healthy snacks such as fresh fruits, granola bars, and yogurt. You can also include a special treat and a smiley note in their lunch bag. It'll remind them of how much you care and love them.

7. Label their belongings

Labelling their belongings will help them from getting lost.The expense of lost gear can really add up, so labelling children’s clothes and belongings is a great cost-saving measure.

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8. Be organized and prepared

Help your child prepare for school by packing the school bag and uniform together with him or her. Consider designating an area near the entrance of your home to keep items stored and ready for the following school day.

9. Get involved with School life yourself

Schools usually have a need for parent volunteers for various positions such as in the classroom, in the lunchroom, or on the PTA. Even if you can spare just a few short hours a week you’ll get to know other staff and parents. It is important to get to know your childrens teachers right from the beginning. You can notify them know of any concerns that you have.

10. Reward them

Reward them with praises, treats, or something they enjoy. Try putting together a chart and give a sticker for each day they do well in school. Then after a certain number of stickers award them with some sort of surprise. It doesn't matter how you reward just as long as you show them that you are appreciative of their efforts.

Ways to Help Your Child Settle into School

How do you help your children settle into school?

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