15 Ways to Save Money on Furniture

Ways to Save Money on Furniture

Whether you choose to reside in a house, apartment, or trailer it will be one of the biggest investments that you will make in a lifetime. You will want your home to be comfortable, cozy, and customized to reflect your own personality. At the end of the work day you will appreciate having a warm and relaxing place.

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After building the house from the ground up or choosing which apartment or trailer you will be living in, you naturally need to work on filling it up with furniture pieces that will make you live in utmost comfort. Furnishing a home can be expensive however there are ways to reduce some spending.

1. Stick with the basics

If you have a fairly small budget to work with then purchasing all the furniture pieces required to fill a home is just not practical. Stick with the more essential items such as a bed,

2. Refinish

Refinishing furniture is relatively easy to do and can transform an old piece into something new and beautiful. Dressers, tables, and shelving made from solid wood are some of the easiest items to refinish and can save big in the long run. 

3. Shop online

Online shops such as Wayfair and UrbanGreen have several deals throughout the year. Be sure to check out customer reviews to find out the quality of the items you are interested in purchasing. Also, remember to do a quick internet search for coupon codes to maximize your savings. 

4. Scope out sales

Keep an eye out for special sales such as end of season, closeouts, and clearance when shops are clearing out their inventory. 

5. Buy used

Check out thrift stores, consignment shops, garage sales, and newspaper advertising for good quality used items.

6. Purchase items on display

Almost always you will be able to negotiate for a better price on items assembled and showcased. Look for slight defects in items to help lower the price even more.


7. Purchase one piece at a time

When shopping, remember you don't have to get everything for your home all at once. Buy the most important piece first and then go from there. 

8. Choose multi-functional items

futon (sofa that turns into a bed), convertible coffee tables that either double as a desk or storage compartment are just some items that are available. Not only do these pieces help save you money, they take up less space. 

9. Shop warehouses or outlets

Warehouse sales are usually held by manufacturers who have extra inventory and need to clear out their stock. Sales are held annually so take note of the month when the sales event is held as it will most likely be repeated year after year.

10. Use Coupons

Coupons are not only for grocery items. You can simply sign up for mailing lists of online furniture stores, retailers and manufacturers, and get great discounts for your purchases in return. There are also companies which send out newsletters to update consumers when there are big sales and clearance sales.

11. Shop Promotional Events

The best time to buy furniture is when stores have to make room for new inventory. This is most common in end of seasons and during some holidays, but could happen at any time. Try to keep a watch out before making your purchase.

13. Find shops that price match

If you find a piece of furniture and have seen it for less online, ask if they will price match. Shops always have the ability to lower the price in terms of their cost. In the end they will usually drop the price to match the online deal just to get the sale. 

14. Avoid fads

Choosing the latest styles and designs can end up costing more and you may find yourself quickly getting bored as fad wears off. Instead choose classic pieces that are more likely to cost less and last longer.

15. Make your own

If you, a family member, or friend is handy with building things you could very easily make items such as beds, dressers, cabinets, or tables and chairs.

Ways to Save Money on Furniture

How do you try to save on furniture?

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