7 Simple Ways to Build Strong Relationships with your Children

Simple Ways to build Strong Relationships with your Children

Simple Ways to Build Strong Relationships  with your Children

The daily lives of parents seem to be getting more busier than ever before. This is especially true when both parents are working outside the home. This may make you feel that your time and energy are limited towards strengthening your relationships with your children.

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Everyone knows that spending quality time with your child is important. Building strong and lasting relationships with your children isn’t about spending huge amounts of money or going on expensive holidays. It is the little and simple things you do that can mean the world to your children.
Here are some easy ways that you can add precious minutes and hours to the time you spend with your child during the day.
1. Listen to your children. Be interested in what happened during their day, even if it means listening to all the details about your son's basketball game tryouts at school or getting input from your daughter’s sudden interest in eating healthier. Ask a few questions to show genuine interest.
2. Physically connect with your children. In morning and before bedtime get in a few minutes of snuggle time. During the day, make time for hugs and kisses, pats on the back, and tousle their hair. These acts of touch will help you to form a strong attachment with your children.

3. Play with your children. Its no secret that children love to play. Don't be afraid to get down on floor to race cars or enjoy some pretend tea and cookies. Your children will have even more fun with their parents joining in and so will you.
3. Eat together as a family. Meal time is a great opportunity to connect with your children. It is also a time for eating and not a time for watching television or scrolling through telephones. Talk with your children in between bites about how their day went. You could even share details about your own day or use this as a time to get input from your children about an upcoming family event or outing. They will feel important.

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4. Get active as a family. Go outside and walk, bike, or hike in the woods. Make it fun and adventurous by pointing out various objects and species. This gets conversation flowing and sparks imagination in children.
5. Work on projects together. Whether it is a school project, household chore,or craft working together opens up many opportunities to share thoughts and feelings and spark creativity.
6. Be respectful towards your children. Never belittle your children or make them feel worthless. By showing them respect they will be more likely to talk to you about the little things as well as bigger, more important things.

7. Spend one-on-one time with each one of your children. Children look forward to one-on-one time that they get to spend with either mom or dad. Being the center of their parent's universe during that time can make any child feel special and that is a feeling that nothing or no one can take away from them.
For children, spending time with their parents is special and of up most importance. It gives them a sense closeness, security, and warmth. Spending time with their parents no matter how little can mean so much to them. Whether they are doing something special or just sitting around relaxing. It is during these times spent together that relationships between parents and children begin to grow, develop and strengthen.
Simple Ways to Build Strong Relationships  with your Children
What are you doing to build strong relationships with your children?

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