Natural Relief for Sore Nipples From Breastfeeding

Natural Relief for Sore Nipples From Breastfeeding

Natural Relief for Sore Nipples

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1. Breastmilk. Breast milk has antibacterial as well as healing properties that help treat sore nipples. Apply a few drops of breast milk on the affected nipple before breastfeeding. After breastfeeding apply some milk again and allow it to air dry thoroughly. Repeat the same for the other nipple. Follow this remedy a few times daily until the soreness subsides.

2. Wash with plain water. When taking a bath or shower avoid washing nipples with soap and wash with plain water only. Soap can increase dryness leading to more discomfort.

3. Wear soft reusable breast pads. Disposable breast pads tend to keep moisture against the nipple which may lead to soreness or irritation. Try pads made with natural fabric such as cotton or wool which allows skin to breathe.

4. Chamomile tea. Chamomile tea along with other teas have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that can provide relief from the discomforts associated with sore nipples. Simply steep a chamomile teabag in hot water for ten minutes. Next, remove the teabag and squeeze out excess water and apply it over the nipple for several minutes. Afterward wash the area with warm water. Drinking chamomile tea daily will also help to promote healing.

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5. Natural nipple butter. Earth Mama's soothing Organic Nipple Butter is buttery, 
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6. Warm compress. Simply take a washcloth and wet it using warm water. Wring it out and apply over your breasts for a few minutes. The warmth will soothe sore nipples and help in healing.

7. Oil massage. Oils such as olive or coconut help to moisturize affected areas and reduce dryness. Simply heat a small amount of oil until warm. Apply the warm oil on the nipples with a gentle massage. You can repeat this several times a day as needed. After each massage wash the area thoroughly with warm water to remove any remaining oil.

8. Salt rinse. Add one teaspoon of salt and one cup of warm water into a bowl or small pan. Mix it well. Let your nipple soak in the mixture for ten minutes. Let nipples dry naturally.

9. Wear a cotton, non-underwire bra. Cotton will allow air to circulate to and from your breasts. There is a chance that the wire in underwire bras could inhibit blood flow and decrease milk production, or lead to a clogged duct.

10. Aloe Vera. Take a fresh aloe vera leaf and peel its skin to expose the gel inside. Take some of the gel with your finger and rub it over the nipples. Leave for 30 minutes and then wash the area well with warm water and allow to air dry. Repeat after each feeding, up to five times per day.

Natural Relief for Sore Nipples

Do you know of other ways to provide natural relief to sore nipples while breastfeeding?

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