Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers Under $25

10 Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers - Under $25

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Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers Under $25

Coffee is one of those beverages loved by almost everyone. Are you or someone you know a lover of coffee? If so you will be happy to know that there is a wide variety of coffee gear available for gifting that special person.

The following roundup of ideas on coffee gifts will help get you started.

1. Frosty vanilla holiday blend

Frosty vanilla holiday blend

Delicious vanilla combination with the sweet nutty flavor of pralines make this an extra special treat. Only available while supplies last! $7.99.

2. Reusable coffee cup sleeve

Reusable coffee cup sleeve

This innovative and eco-friendly alternative to the disposable cardboard sleeves is like an electric blanket for your drinks. The flexible sleeve heats up in seconds, making your beverages hot in no time flat. It even remailns warm after so your drink stays the right temperature. $24.99.

3. Milk Frother

Milk frother
Help someone cut their expenses from coffee purchases by having their very own milk frother at home. $19.50.

4. Travel mug

Travel coffee mug

Anyone who loves coffee can always use a spare travel mug or two, especially if you keep forgetting your mug at work or in the car. Was $36.25, Now $24.99.

5. Flavored coffee
Flavored coffee

Indulge their senses with three of Hawaii's most distinguished coffee flavors, taking them back to the islands every time they brew a cup. $22.99.

Hawaii Coffee

6. Coffee Shirt

Coffee shirt

This cute "Got Coffee?"pug t-shirt is comfortable, casual and loose fitting will make your caffeine lover smile. Its made from 100% cotton and wears well on anyone. $18.95

7. Reusable coffee filter

Reusable coffee filter

Save time and money with a stainless steel reusable coffee filter. Was $22.00, Now $10.78.

8. Coffee bean grinder

Coffee grinder

More than just a coffee grinder this electric grinder also works well to grind spices, herbs, nuts, and more. Was $44.99, Now $19.99.

9. Coffee maker shelf

Coffee maker shelf

This Lipper International black wire coffee maker shelf makes a fantastic addition to any kitchen. It is the perfect choice for someone who may be looking for a reliable and effective storage space for their coffee pods. Was $24.99, Now $17.99.

10. In home coffee mug

coffee mug

This fun and exclusive stoneware 4 piece mug set is the perfect gift for anyone who knows that the best way to start the day is with a fresh cup of hot coffee. Was $23.96, Now $11.96.

Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers Under $25

Do you have a coffee lover who would enjoy one of these gifts?

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  1. I love the reusable coffee sleeve gift! Great ideas here!!

  2. Everyone in my family loves coffee but me but I am always looking for gift ideas for them!

  3. I'm more a tea person, I drink occasionally coffee. Some of these (like travel mug, reusable mugs) can be easily applied to tea lovers ad well.

    I've heard about flavoured coffee before, but never actually tried one.

  4. Mmm that holiday blend sounds so good! I love pralines, so I would definitely enjoy it.

  5. Coffee lover, right here! We love a good mug, and try to collect a unique one from each place we visit.

  6. Who doesn't love coffee? Those aren't people I want to be around lol :)

  7. I absolutely love the idea of having my own coffee grinder. Gonna have to add that to my Christmas list!

  8. I have the red bodum! Love it!


  9. I'm not personally a huge coffee fan but I love the storage drawer for pods. Keeps them handy but out of sight. Great gift guide.

  10. Love the cozy cup. So cute. I love coffee so anything related is a win win for me!

  11. so good! coffee runs my world :)

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