20 Free Date Ideas

20 Free Date Ideas

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 Free Date Ideas

Going on dates with your spouse does not have to be costly. In fact you don't need to spend any money. If you are looking for some fun ways to spend time with your spouse then you may want to try some of the following.

1. Have your morning coffee or tea outside. If you have children be sure to wake up earlier than them. Enjoy the early morning air and chat while sipping your favorite morning drink.

2. Go for a walk. Try holding hands or looping arms.

3. Learn a new language. Choose a language that you are both interested in.

4. Cook a meal together. Try out a new recipe or an old family favorite.

5. Have a camp out in your bedroom. Set up a tent or make a fort out of blankets.

6. Read a book. Choose a book that is educational or teaches new skills. 

7. Go on a nature hike. Try to identity types of flowers, trees, and other forms of nature.

8. Put together a jigsaw puzzle. This is a great way to help sharpen your minds and opens the door for good communication.

9. Start a blog. Share ideas and your adventures with other people so that they may also try new ideas.

10. Watch a sports game. Watching a sports game outside is so much more fun than on television. Usually there is no cost for watching local teams play within communities.

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11. Volunteer. There is always a need for volunteers within communities. Homeless shelters, hospitals, and animal shelters are just a few.

12. Make a scrapbook. Fill your scrapbook with precious memories and life adventures.

13. Go bird watching. Take photos and try to identity various species.

14. Go fishing. Have a fun competition on who can reel in the most fish.

15. Make a yummy dessert. Try a new recipe or alter an existing one.

16. Create an at home spa. Fill a tub with bubbles and bath salts surrounded by relaxing candle scents.

17. Head to the beach. Have fun building sand sculptures, running along the shore, or just relaxing under the sun.

18. Go berry picking. Scoop out some great areas for picking berries. Have fun feeding one another the berries.

19. Watch a movie. Whip up some popcorn and serve with cold drinks. 

20. Go star gazing. Spread out a blanket under the stars and take in the amazing view.

 Free Date Ideas

What is your favorite free date idea?

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