How to Get White Clothes Looking Whiter

8 Ways to Get White Clothes Looking Whiter Naturally

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How to Get White Clothes Looking Whiter

White clothes are the hardest color to keep looking bright and new even after just a few wears. The appearance of discoloration can come from body sweat, oils or colors that bleed from other clothes. Bleach is an effective chemical product that does work well in whitening clothes. However it is toxic and smells incredibly strong leaving many people hesitant in reaching for it come laundry day. This is especially the case for many parents who worry about exposing their children to toxins.

Actually many people are starting to look for safer, less-toxic, natural DIY solutions when it comes to cleaning laundry. If you do choose to not use bleach for your whites here are some other options for getting them white and bright. The best part is that all the items used below are most likely already on hand in your kitchen.

1. Separate whites from colors. Even light colors can transfer onto whites, so make a pile for clothes that are white only, no exceptions, then wash light clothes together in their own load. 

2. Don't overload your washing machine. Clothing will develop a layer of residue if the washer is overloaded. If there are too many items or simply too much dirt in your washing machine the rinse water won’t be able to bring those molecules back into solution in the rinse cycle.

3. Add the right amount of detergent. Too much detergent and fabric softener coats fabrics and when there is a lot of residue on clothes it acts like a magnet and sticks to dirt.

4. Lemon juice. Let your clothes soak in a basin of hot water and lemon slices for one to two hours, then wash as usual. If clothes are particularly dingy, boil the water, turn off the heat, add your clothing and lemon slices, and soak overnight.

5. Baking soda. With a homemade mixture,  you can whiten your whites without any additives in your washing machine. Combine four liters of water with one cup of baking soda, and drop in your white laundry. Let it soak, and your clothes will be fresh and clean once finished.

6. White vinegar. Pour 1/2 cup to 1 cup into the wash with detergent. It will whiten, help wash away detergent or soap residue, and soften the fabric. 

7. Clean your washing machine. If your washing machine is full of rust and mineral deposits, your whites will come out looking duller than before you put them in. Prior to the next load of laundry, add 1 cup of white vinegar and ½ cup of baking soda to your washer’s rinse cycle to ensure a squeaky clean machine.

8. Dry clothes outside. Use a clothesline to spread your clothes out in the sun. The sun is a natural bleach and will give you fresh smelling laundry without the added chemicals.

What tips do you use to get your white clothes looking whiter?

How to Get White Clothes Looking Whiter

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