Challenges of Parenting in the 21st Century

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 Parenting in the 21st Century

Parenting, like all things, has changed over the years. I feel like everything's a competition with parents in today’s world. Terms like “modern motherhood” are coined and they can mean anything from breastfeeding in public to baby-led weaning. When did it all become so competitive and when did we stop being on the same team? I think that if we all start to think and look at the world like our children do, it would be a much better place. We have to stop looking and comparing ourselves and our children to others.

DO NOT lose sleep over the fact that your little one still has to have your boob in her mouth to fall asleep, or that your son chooses your husband over you when he's upset. DO NOT compare your child's development to other children's growth and development. Accept that all kids are different. My kid crawled backwards until she was 9 months and one week, and turned out fine! I stressed, lost sleep, brought her to the doctor, lost more sleep, only to come to the conclusion that I had a lazy kid. Lazy Lenny. At least now we have a cute nickname for her. 

The truth is I’m a new mom and I’m tired. The exhaustion officially set in sometime around day 5 with my new role as a mom and it never quite went away. I’m lucky to get out of the house with my teeth brushed and I see moms dressed head to toe in some beautiful new dress from Debenhams Groupon Discount Codes (which is one of my favorite stores, by the way) and I look like I just came back from the gym (but not in the cute way). I have had to tell myself repeatedly that it’s not a competition and that my ability to be a mom is not based on my ability to do my hair and makeup. Does it make the other mom a better or worse parent because she may look better and I look worse? Not at all! But, it’s still easy to judge oneself when you have a three-day old stain on your blouse.