Non-Food Uses For Black Pepper

5 Non-food uses for black pepper

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Non-Food Uses For Black Pepper

Black pepper, an item commonly found in almost any homes is used frequently in a wide variety of prepared meals. Besides cooking it is often left stored and rarely used for other purposes. There are actually other great ways to put black pepper to use. Here are some of what we have tried in our home.

1. Deter ants. Sprinkle black pepper into ant holes and along areas where ants are entering your home.

2. Keep bright colored clothing from fading. Add a teaspoon of black pepper in your wash to prevent colors from bleeding out and maintain their brightness.

3. Natural mouthwash. Mix a half teaspoon of salt and a dash of pepper in warm water and then gargle. This mixture can help combat cavities, freshen breath, and relieve oral pain.

4. Keep insects out of the garden. Combine equal amounts of  pepper and flour and sprinkle around plants. This is just as effective as commercial pesticides but without the harsh chemicals.

5. Deter animals from your garden or away from other areas. In a blender add two tablespoons of black pepper, two cloves of garlic, four medium onions, and four cups of water. Mix until smooth and place in a container. Pour around the place in which you want to keep animals such as deer or cats away.

So next time you run into any one of these issues try giving some black pepper a shot.

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