Pear Sponsorship Program

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When you are a parent it is important to find activities which your children can be involved with. Many schools and community oriented groups provide various activities that children can participate in. Of course these programs cannot be executed without financial means. There is relief in knowing that there are sponsorship programs available to help provide assistance for such schools and community organizations. One of these sponsorship programs is Pear.
What is Pear? Pear helps brands and communities build meaningful connections through sponsorship programs, gifts and awards, and more. We’re passionate about Marketing that Matters.
They are a marketing platform that helps adult and youth groups, organizations and sports groups with finding sponsorships with large companies such as Ace Hardware, US Cellular, Verizon, Ritz Bits, Miller Lite and Stouffers. Pear is about raising money for the group or event by connecting with our brands/sponsors online. Their simple sharing tools make spreading the word and telling the group’s story online and offline, easy. The more members that each group reaches and inspires to join in, the greater the group’s award.

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