7 Surprising Uses For Cinnamon

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Cinnamon is one spice that is found in most homes. It is most commonly used to add flavor inrecipes, especially in desserts. Many people however are unaware that cinnamon has other uses away from just being added to create dishes. It has the ability to eliminate the use of manycommercial products in the home and since it is natural there is no chemicals to worry about. Ridding the use of chemicals in the home is becoming more and more common as people are becoming more aware of the contents within commercial products. Here are some ways you can put cinnamon to use throughout your home.
1. Freshen your home. Place a handful of cinnamon sticks in a pot of simmering water for 30 minutes or so. Alternatively place a dish of ground cinnamon powder anywhere in your home.
2. Inexpensive home decoration with a sweet scent. Place several cinnamon sticks along with some dried cranberries in a glass jar. Tie a ribbon around the jar for an added touch.
3. Potpourri booster. Add some cinnamon sticks to a bowl of potpourri for a much powerful aroma.
4. Ant repellent. Sprinkle some powdered cinnamon around any cracks or crevices where ants are seen entering the home.
5. Alternative to foul smelling moth balls. Place some pieces of broken cinnamon sticks and combine with other spices such as whole cloves, whole black peppercorns, or bay leaves. Place one tablespoon of this mixture to a small piece of cloth and tie it making a sachet. Hang in your closets as well as put in other area that clothes may be stored.
6. Mouth freshener. Help fight of bad breath by chewing on a small stick of cinnamon or by gargling on some water with added cinnamon powder.
7. Make an all natural bronzer. Mix together cinnamon powder, cocoa, and cornstarch until you reach a shade you are satisfied with (more cornstarch for lighter shade or more cocoa for darkershade). Add some plain unscented lotion and mix well. Store in a sealed jar.

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