10 Ways To Teach Your Children About Going Green

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Ways To Teach Your Children About Going Green

We all have a responsibility when it comes to caring for our environment. Even starting from a young age we all play a role in having an impact on the environment. Everything from using disposable diapers, taking showers, to using electricity will have a negative impact.

After we as parents make ourselves more aware of the importance of protecting the environment we have to ensure that the next generations to come will do the same. So what can we do to help our children become more aware of the environment around us. 

1. Set a good example when it comes to green living. Kids learn so much from watching their parents behavior. We should try to instill good values as well as encourage them to strive to do better.

2. Preserve the environment. Teach them that littering is wrong. Help them to make good choices when purchasing food items. For instance instead of purchasing several juice boxes, purchase a few reusable beverage containers to fill with your own juice.

3. Limit energy use. Make it  rule in the home to turn off anything not in use including lights in an unoccupied room, television when nobody is watching it, or battery operated toys not being used at the moment.

4. Cut down on water usage. Teach them that water does not have to continuously run while being used. For instance, during brushing one's teeth the water can be turned off while brushing teeth and then turned back on for rinsing the mouth.

5. Grow a garden and start a compost. Most kids love to play in the soil. This is a great opportunity to help them grow a garden. Let them to be in charge of the upkeep and care of their garden and help with the composting.

6. Recycle. Round up some plastic bins and label them with what can be added such as glass, plastics, paper. To add some fun allow children to decorate outside the containers.

7. Donate items you no longer use. Instead of throwing out old clothes, toys, and other household items donate them instead. Even items that you may consider to be no longer usable may actually be of use to an organization. 

8. Go for a walk instead of driving. Try to find areas such as nature trails where your children will be able to see the beauty of nature. Point out the various types of flowers, trees, insects, and birds.

9. Organize or participate in a community clean up. This could easily be done in your own neighborhood, a park, or even along a beach.

10. Do a craft project or activity made from trash. After removing any recyclable items from the trash you may be left with many other items that could be used for crafting or other projects around the home. Some of our favorites include empty packaging, egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, popsicle sticks, and old socks.

What are some ways you teach your children about going green?

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  1. I'd love to wave a magic wand and suddenly my son would remember to turn off lights! Thank you for sharing these great tips at #MerryMonday!