Simple Counting Sort With Blocks

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Learning to Count With Blocks

Having the ability to count numbers as opposed to being able to only recite them prior to attending school is important. Activities that allow children to see objects with their eyes and touch with their hands while counting will help give them a stronger math base. It will also help their cognitive development and thought process.

The activity shown in the photo above is very easy to put together and is great for the toddler years. 

What you will need:

 * Any type of tray such as a cupcake/muffin tin, egg carton, or yogurt tray (as pictured above). You could even use plastic cups/containers if you wish. 
* Stickers or cut out paper with individual numbers written on each one.
* Objects used for counting such as blocks, coins, buttons, etc.

It is important to engage in this activity with your child. Try using a variety of objects as well as mixing up different colors.


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  1. Great idea! My tot is obsessed with numbers and with counting, so I definitely have to try this activity out.