12 Simple Ways To Increase Breast Milk Production Naturally

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Simple Ways To Increase Breast Milk Production Naturally

Breastfeeding is such a wonderful experience for both mom and baby. This is a time of learning for both mom and baby and an opportunity to grow a strong bond with one another. Most moms at some time during breastfeeding will worry and question whether or not their baby is getting enough milk during feedings. This is a very common concern.

There are things that moms can do to ensure that their body is producing an adequate amount of milk for baby and at the same time keep themselves strong and healthy. The following are some tips that are well known to help.

1. Nurse on demand. This is the most important thing you will need to do since the more you feed your baby the more milk you will produce.

2. Offer both breasts during feedings. Allow baby to nurse on one side for 5 minutes then switch to the other and allow baby to decide when it is time to finish or if needed switch back to the first breast. This allows each breast to become stimulated as well as the release of milk from both sides.

3. Ensure a good latch. An incorrect latch will lead to your breast becoming less stimulated and therefore cause a decrease in the amount of milk produced.

4. Have skin to skin contact with baby. Remove or lift your shirt and allow a baby in just a diaper to have direct contact with you. You can wrap a blanket around the both of you if you like. Skin to skin contact will aid in the release of more of the hormones that help to produce milk as well as milk injector hormones. Your baby will also feel secure being so close to you.

5. Lay down and relax while feeding your baby. Clear your mind of any distractions. 

6. Drink plenty of water. Have a glass full before and after a nursing session.

7. Have a healthy snack during feeds. Bananas, sliced carrots or granola/trail mixes are good choices.

8. Pump between feedings. Remember the more you feed the more you will produce. Since pumping delivers a suckling stimulation it will also give the same result as a baby suckling would.

9. Get adequate sleep. Try and rest while baby is sleeping. Do not worry to much about home duties especially in those first few weeks when you are trying to establish a good milk supply.

10. Eat well. Eat small meals during the day as opposed to larger ones. Ensure to get in a few healthy snacks during the day as well. Foods known to help increase milk supply include oatmeal, barley, spinach, carrots, almonds, and sesame seeds. 

11. Try baby wearing. Get a baby carrier or sling and allow baby to nurse. This lets your baby stay close to you and even feed while out and on the move.

12. Get support from other breastfeeding moms. Try joining a support group or mom and baby club. Moms always have their own tricks and secrets when it comes to motherhood. Ain't that the truth!

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  1. These are wonderful points and they are often instinctive to many nursing moms. It's good to have reminders too.

  2. Fantastic tips. Should be real handy for new moms.

  3. Great ideas. When I breastfed my kids, I was trying to do everything I can to increase my supply. They never went hungry and grew very nicely but I could never get a freezer supply with my son.