12 Indoor Activities For Families

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Indoor Activities For Families

Quality time between children and parents is very important. Often quality time is occurs mostly when engaging in activities outside the home. There are many advantages to staying in sometimes. One of the big advantages is saving money. Another advantage is being in the comfort of your own home where you can be more relaxed.

Sometimes staying in is a must during poor weather conditions. Whatever the reason below you will find some
simple activities that can be enjoyed inside the home.

1. Serve a special pancake breakfast. Whip up some pancakes and lay out a selection of toppings such as chopped fruit, jam, syrup, whipped cream, and honey.

2. Have an indoor scavenger or treasure hunt.

3. Build something. Use anything including blocks, containers, or boxes to build towers, skyscrapers, etc.

4. Play hide and seek.

5. Play catch and throw with a ball.

6. Have an indoor picnic. Prepare food you would normally take outside on a picnic. Spread a blanket on the floor and you are all set. 

7. Bake some sugar cookies and decorate with frosting.

8. Teach your children about safety. Talk about fire plans, accidents, and strangers.

9. Do a craft. Themed collages, finger painting, and hand tracing are good choices.

10. Throw a pizza party. Using mini pizza crusts have each person add their own toppings.

11. Read a book together.

12. Have a movie night. Make sure to have a treat. For us we like to have ice cream with our movie. 

What kinds of indoor activities do your family enjoy doing together?

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  1. We are definitely a family that plays together. My son and I just had a game of catch, yes indoors! We were never allowed to in the house when we were kids - breaking the rules! :)

  2. These are excellent things you can do on a rainy or snow day. Thank you for sharing these ideas.

  3. Some really great ideas for having quality family time-thanks for sharing!

  4. Fantastic ideas. Love a pancake breakfast with all the family.

  5. These are awesome ideas to do for kids when the weather is bad. I used to bake cookies and watch a movie with my boys. I miss them day. Thanks for sharing.