10 Simple Tips For Greener Living

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10 Simple Tips For Greener Living

Green living is making sustainable choices daily in regards to food, personal care, purchases, usages, and trash. From the time we wake up from sleep to the time we retire for the day there are ways in which we can be more eco friendly. 

There are many ways to incorporate green living into our daily lives. For many this can be quite an adjustment. However if done in small steps it will become much easier over time. The following are ten simple ways to start living green today. You do not have to do all at once. Just start with one and work your way up.

1. Conserve water. Before heading in for that morning shower set a timer. The next time you have to replace your shower head choose a low-flow shower head.

2. Simplify your personal care products. Choose natural products or make your own.

3. Power down. Before leaving the home turn off all lights and electronics.

4. Get a reusable mug. When heading out during the day carry it with you and use it to for refilling at coffee shops.
5. Stop drinking bottled water. If there are problems with your tap water due to excessive minerals consider purchasing a water filtration system. The money you save from buying bottled water will more than cover the costs. For outside the home purchase a reusable water bottle and take water with you from home.

6. Walk more, drive less. Any short trip whereby you can walk instead of driving is not only a good way to save a few dollars but also good for your health.

7. Green clean your home. Instead of spending a great amount of money on chemical cleaners make your own.

8. Add a meatless dinner to the family menu at least once a week. This will save you money, promote healthy eating habits, as well as save on the environment.

9. Make smart purchases. Buy frequently used dry foods in bulk to save money from packaging costs. This will also help to cut down on less waste from packaging. When shopping for clothes avoid garments needing to be dry cleaned.

10. Upcycle before you recycle. Instead of tossing all recyclables to the curb firstly ask yourself if the items can be turned into other uses for your home. There are multiple uses for everything from food containers to tin cans.

What are some ways you and your family contribute to a greener living?

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  1. DIYing your personal care products will save you a ton of money at the same time. Thanks for posting. Hello from Small Victories Sunday.