12 Creative Uses For Cotton Swabs

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12 Creative Uses For Cotton Swabs

Cotton swabs are one of those inexpensive beauty products that most everyone has in their home. Many people though do not use them often and they end up sitting on the shelf for a long time. The main purpose of this product is to clean the human ear. However frequent or improper use can actually have a bad effect over time.

That being said, it is good to know that there are other uses for this product which are unrelated to beauty care. They are actually a very handy item to have around the home especially when it comes to cleaning small crevices and hard to reach areas.

1. Arts and crafts. Let children use them for painting as they are the perfect size for little hands. 

2. Apply small amounts of glue. This works well for projects requiring little touch ups such as modeling toys.

3. Clean eyeglasses especially the nose pieces which can become very dirty overtime.

4. Improve zipper opening and closing. Apply some olive oil on a swab and run it along the zipper.

5. Jewelry cleaner. Many jewelry pieces have small crevices and contours that are very difficult to reach with a brush or piece of cloth. Instead why not use a cotton swab . Simply dip an end of the swab into cleaning solution to wipe of dirt particles and stains.

6. Clean food storage container covers. Food particles can easily get stuck within the grooves of container covers and can be difficult to remove with a dish cloth or sponge.

7. Mini duster. Use to reach hard to crevices in wood furniture, photo frames, and ornaments.

8. Keep computer clean. Dampen a cotton swab with a little water to clean the edge of the screen and between the keys.

9. Clean electronic gadgets and other small devices such as mobile phones, television remotes, and cameras. Cotton swabs are the perfect fit for collecting dust and dirt from the small crevices.

10. Clean the bathroom sink drain. The drainage in the sink will have buildup over time from hair and soap.

11. Spot bleach on white clothes with colored printing that should not be washed completely in bleach.

12. Lighter for candles with short wicks. Dip one end of the cotton swab in a little alcohol and light. Set the burning tip atop the candle which will burn some of the wax and eventually light the wick. So much easier than using a match and possibly burning yourself.

Do you have any additional uses for cotton swabs?

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  1. Hi Bismah! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog post! I love using cotton swabs and I especially love using them as part of my make up beauty routine! I use it to clean up my mascara and eyeliner! :)