10 Ways To Save On Food Without Coupons

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10 Ways To Save On Food Without Coupons

Coupons are a great way to save money on food. But what if you have no access to any or want to save even more money on food. This is definitely doable. All it takes are some practical tips to follow. The following are what I have personally used and are what actually works.

1. Make a list and check it twice. Once to make sure you buy what is on it. Secondly to make sure that you buy only what is on that list. Often time you may go shopping and end up with a handful or more of items that was not need.
2. Take advantage of weekly sales. Stock up on items that you buy more frequently.
3. Shop at discount no-frills shops. There you can find great deals on many fresh products such as milk, produce, and meats.
4. Shop early morning or late evening. Most stores will discount fresh meats either prior to opening or upon closing.
5. Ditch the brand name. I will be the first to admit that some name brand items do have better taste and quality than the non-branded. However I have found that there are several items where there is no noticeable difference.

6. Buy dry goods in bulk size. Rice, flour, and pasta are all staple foods that are used frequently and have a long shelf life.
7. Keep an eye out for clearance items. Discontinued and end of promotional or seasonal items are usually put on sale to make room for new products.
8. Avoid paying for convenience in the deli and produce areas. Any sliced, chopped, or ready made packaged meats or salads cost more due to extra time and labor.
9. Buy plain packaged goods. Instead of buying products sealed in fancy containers or boxes opt for the plain and even bagged options if available. This is especially true for pastas, cereals, and rice. You are shopping for food not fashion. 
10. Skip the boneless and skinless choices of meat. While it is convenient it is also much more expensive. 

What methods do you use to save money on groceries without using coupons? Is it effective?

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  1. I love using coupons to save my family money but I think that the best tip that you can give everyone is to shop the sales and get lots of the things that are on sale. If you know that you use pasta sauce then stock up when it is a $1 because you know that it stays good and you never have to pay more then the amount you want. I think having a stockpile of things that you paid rock bottom prices is something that the average consumer doesn't think enough about!!