Tea Collection KinderCone Giveaway: $4k Grand Prize!

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Enter to win the Tea Collection KinderCone Giveaway!
The first day of school can be a bit nerve wracking, and to alleviate some of the anxiety and put a little fun into the day, there is a tradition in Germany where kids are presented with a large, colorful KinderCone or Schultute ("shool-too-teh") filled with school supplies, sweet treats and small gifts. This large cardboard, cone of fun helps kids feel a little better about their big day. 

Want help with yours? Enter to win the Tea Collection KinderCone Giveaway! One lucky grand prize winner will receive a Tea Collection KinderCone, filled with school supplies and treats, for everyone in their child's classroom! Plus, the classroom will also receive a collection of 20 National Geographic books! This is a first day of school party for the entire class! Here is what is inside the Tea Collection KinderCone:

1. One (1) $50 Tea Collection gift certificate
2. One (1) Germany-inspired activity book from Tea Collection
3. One (1) custom Tea printed notebook from May Designs
One (1) lunchbox from SoYoung
4. One (1) set of school and art supplies from Stubby Pencil Studios
5. One (1) healthy organic snack set from Annie's Homegrown
6. One (1) cookie pack from Chateau Bakery
7. One (1) pair of fun temporary tattoos from Tattly

The Tea Collection KinderCone Giveaway only runs until August 17, so be sure to enter today! Viel Gl├╝ck! ('Good luck' in German.) 


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  2. What a great giveaway. So pleased that it's open to Canadians. I entered!

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo