Kitchen Appliances You Really Do Not Need

I enjoy spending time cooking and baking. I like my kitchen to be equipped and organized as simply as possible. I have no desire for many small appliances in my kitchen. This does not mean that my meals will be of any less quality. Why should it? Generations before us had no choice but to live without these high tech gadgets and still managed to cook great meals. Eliminating items that we don't really need is also a great money saving idea. 

The following are 10 small appliances which I personally feel are useless to own. I have also listed the alternatives which I use instead. 

1. Coffee maker
I do love and drink coffee. For me instant is satisfying so I use a teapot to boil water on the stove.
2. Toaster
It is very rare that I have an urge for toasted bread. When I do the oven does just fine. 
3. Electric can opener
It really is no more time consuming to just take the regular small hand held ones. 
4. Electric Grill
We like to grill food on occasion. We have a small grill we use outside which runs on charcoal. It is nothing at all fancy yet still results in very tasty meals
5. Bread maker
I will soon be making my own bread. I will go the same route that I remember my mom baking which was the oven.
6. Deep fryer
We try to eliminate as much fried food as possible. If I do make a batch of fried food I use a fry pan. It is not at all dangerous if you are paying attention to it.
7. Baby food maker
Our youngest is 7 months old and has just started on solid foods in the last month. Steaming the vegetables and blending them works really well.
8. Stand mixer
I make many desserts which require alot of mixing. For me a handheld mixer is adequate enough.
9. Ice cream machine
This is not needed to make ice cream. I make ice cream in our blender. It comes out very creamy and tasty.
10. Microwave
I have absolutely no use for one of these. What leftovers  need to be warmed up goes in a pan and re heated on the stove.

What small appliances could you do without?