10 Other Uses For Baby Powder

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10 Other Uses For Baby Powder

Baby powder is an essential item to have around the home. It is an inexpensive product and most commonly used for babies and sometimes other family members as well. This product has many other uses for around the home as well as outside the home.
1. Rid the irritating sound of squeaky floors. Sprinkle and sweep powder between cracks.

2. Absorb grease from oil spilled on clothing. Sprinkle some powder over the spots and rub in well to absorb and refresh. Repeat as needed until stain is gone.

3. Untangle knots from items such as jewelry, laces, and hairbands. Lubricate the knot by sprinkling over it with some powder to help loosen it up.

4. Help rid shoe odor. Sprinkle some powder inside smelly shoes and leave overnight.

5. Take the chore out of putting on and taking off rubber gloves. Just sprinkle powder over your hands and rub them prior to wearing the gloves.

6. Deter ants at family picnics. After spreading your blanket and prior to serving food sprinkle powder around the blanket to keep ants away. For more natural ways to get rid of ants please visit DIY Ant Repellents.

7. Help make your hair less oily. Sprinkle a little in your hands and work through hair with your fingers.
8. Remove sand stuck to your skin. Brush some powder over sand covered skin to absorb moisture making it easier for the sand to fall off.

9. Give new life to old books. Just sprinkle a little powder between the pages and leave out in the sun for an hour or two. Then shake it out.

10. Cool down your bed sheets. Just sprinkle some powder in between your sheets before hopping into bed.

Do you use baby powder for other uses other than on baby? 

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