Homemade Baby Cloth Wipes Solution

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Homemade Baby Cloth Wipes Solution

You may be thinking, why would anyone take the time and hassle to make their own baby wipes solution when you can purchase already made wipes of the store shelf. I have myself used both disposable wipes and cloth wipes. After my experience with both I can honestly say that using the cloth wipes are no more time consuming nor difficult.

There are many benefits to using baby cloth wipes and homemade baby wipes solution.
1. Cloth wipes are much less expensive.
2. They are reusable and environmentally friendly.
3. Cloth cleans up more efficiently as they are stronger and hold together better than disposables.
4. You have control over what ingredients and the amounts of what you add to make the cloth wipes solution.
5. No need to worry about having to make a trip to the store just because you ran out of disposables. 
Baby wipes solution can be very basic and require little ingredients. After playing around for a little while with measuring I have found my happy medium. For this solution you will need the following: 

1 empty bottle
1 cup water
2 teaspoons baby oil
2 teaspoons baby body wash

Homemade Baby Cloth Wipes Solution

All you need to do is pour the water into an empty bottle. Then add the baby oil and baby wash. Replace cover and shake.
Now you have your very own cloth wipes solution. 

Homemade Baby Cloth Wipes Solution

Do you use disposables or cloth wipes for your baby? What are your reasons?

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  1. Glad we don't need these anymore, but too bad I didn't have this recipe five years ago!

  2. Love this idea! I still have one in diapers and would love to try this out. Thanks!

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  3. These are genius! Thanks for sharing!