Tips To Save You Money In The Kitchen

Sometimes old habits can be difficult to break. It can take time to let go. Just recently I have been trying to cut down on some of my costs in running a household. 

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I love challenges. Challenges are what seems to keep me motivated and striving for more. Of course the biggest benefit from cutting costs is the money saved. In my home it seemed as though the kitchen was the best place to start.
Here are some good money saving tips I want to share. I have begun to implement each one. So far so good! 

1. Be organized! Before you shop, take a tour through your cupboards and your refrigerator/freezer.  Make a list of what is needed, to keep from buying what’s already hiding in your kitchen.

2. Ditch the good ole paper products! For mealtime, use reusable cloth napkins instead of disposables. When cleaning up spills use cloth rags instead of paper towels. If you make homemade fried potatoes, use a colander to drain the grease out onto old paper placed under the colander. 

 3. Plastic wrap or foil is not a necessity for the kitchen. If you do find yourself having to have it then just use it for what it is really needed for and not as wastage. For instance, instead of using it to store items in the fridge/freezer use  glass or ceramic bowls that have covers and are fridge/freezer safe. 

4. Skip the sandwich bags and use re-usable containers in your lunch tote.   

5. Don’t rinse fruits and vegetables until you’re going to use it. Otherwise, they can mold and get slimy faster.

6. When arriving home after shopping, remove fruits and vegetables from their prepackaged bags. Store on a rack or in a bowl instead. Look for ones that may be getting near spoiling and use those first. 

7. Give your berries a hot bath! This will help prevent the onset of the fuzzy fungus. Simply immerse and swish the berries in a pot of hot water while still in their plastic basket . The hot water kills off mold spores and keeps them fresher longer. Berries do best at 125 degrees for about 30 seconds. After bathing the berries spread them out on a clean dish towel to allow them to breathe and then store.

 8. Buy a large block of cheese on sale since a small block would cost the same? Now you are afraid it will spoil before it is finished. Simply just grate the cheese and store it in the freezer. 

9. Zest! Before peeling citrus fruits (oranges, lemons), zest the outside peels and place them in the freezer for when its needed.

10. Keep vegetable scraps to make soup stock. You can use skins, peels, cores and trimmings from onions (leeks, green onions, shallots), carrots, celery, potatoes, root vegetables, bell peppers, parsnips, peas, and kale — really, just about anything you have on hand.

11. Double up on meals! When baking a meal in the oven bake a second one along with it. Refrigerate it for the next day's meal.

12. Instead of rinsing fruits and vegetables under the water tap, fill a bowl with water and wash. Then use the same water afterward to water household plants.

Hope you find these tips helpful!

What tips do you have for saving money in the kitchen?